last two weeks

Had lots of fun these last few weeks. We visited Santee State Park with friends for a week. Santee is my favorite bass fishing place and I’ve fished it since the 60’s when my father first took me. The park and the facilities have been well maintained and are as comfortable as ever. I fished every day with my friend Lou while Nancy and Shirley hit every quilt shop within a 75 mile radius so it worked out well for us all. The fishing was fantastic but the catching could have been better. The whole area has changed from a very remote fishing spot to a small town with several golf courses, hotels and restaurants.

We got home Saturday just after noon and started preparing for a week on Flagler Beach. We eat out so no need to pack food and we don’t pack much aside from a few bathing suits and very casual items. The rest of the packing was fishing tackle and sewing needs. The place we stay had been upgraded a bit since last November with a large deck added and new sliding glass doors facing out to the ocean. Again the fishing was fantastic but the catching could have been better. I caught a few each day but nothing to brag about. The real find was an Italian Deli in Palm Coast reminiscent of places in the Northeast. We bought samplers of many items and for sure next time will bring a cooler and load up with goodies. We just have a very relaxing time there and a routine that has us debating which restaurant and which happy hour we plan to hit for the day.

We did have an interesting “small world” experience on the beach. An older gentleman walking the beach picking up seashells stopped and asked me how the fishing was. I told him the fishing was good and asked whether he was a local or visiting. Visiting his daughter; lives in Utah. Interesting, we lived in Utah for 25 years. Where. Near Salt Lake City. I live near Salt Lake too, Bountiful. Really, well we lived in Bountiful just up from the high school. Hmm, I live next to St.. Olaf’s. My wife and kids all went to St. Olaf’s. Well I owned the Conoco station on Orchard and turned it over to my sons to run it in 1984. Your sons are Pat and Mike? Yes. Then you must be Bill Robertson. Right. We were your son’s best customer’s for years, the Carbone’s. Oh, I know who you are. Come on up to the house Bill and say hi to Nancy. He and Nancy chewed the fat for at least a half hour before his daughter, power walking the beach, happened by and saw her father talking to strangers. She was blown away when she learned about the coincidence and remembered meeting Nancy at a Harrah’s night at St. Olaf’s.

Getting back home was good too, with lots of catching up. The garden was bursting with vege’s even though Barbara and George had picked it a few times. The fridge is now chock full of squash, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage and green beans. We’re a couple of weeks away from tomatoes, corn, and green peppers. I’ve staggered plantings so it all doesn’t come in at the same time but even with that, I can see that it will be overwhelming by the end of May. Sooooo different from last year when we got started.

On Sunday we headed for Orlando to see Wicked. I had no idea at all what the story line was since Nancy does all the show picking. We took Olivia so I should have guessed it would be G rated. What a great show. Now I know what was really going on with the Wizard of Oz.

Yesterday I had an unscheduled heart test. I was walking over to George’s and a snake ran/slivered between my feet. Trust me, that takes the beat up a bit!!! In retrospect it was a pretty black snake with a yellow stripe down it’s back but at the time, I wasn’t thinking about the natural beauty. And while on nature, we have a nest of cardinals in the Ruby Red grapefruit tree and some kind of yellow breasted thing in the neighbors newspaper box. She no longer gets a daily paper so I guess the bird figured it was a perfect nesting spot. I peaked in and noticed that a dried up snake skin was being used as part of the nesting material. Since snakes make a living eating bird eggs, the irony of that was amusing.

Lake update – dropping again. No rain for a month so we’re heading down again.

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