Product Endorsement

Last weekend we hit Costco for our usual stocking job. One of the products being pushed was a liquid that supposedly removed moss, mold, mildew and stains from “anything”. Anything including decks, awnings, screens, walls – all the places and surfaces that collect grib in Florida. The product caught my eye because we fight the grib more or less year round and I was facing a major job of cleaning the awnings which were, day by day, getting greener. Supposedly the stuff was better than bleach and not caustic. You apply it using a standard pressure dispenser like I use for spraying herbicide and insecticide. So if it worked, it would be alot faster and easier than soaking/scrubbing with bleach and then power washing – my normal method. Not to mention that the last time I bleached my new pants half way up the leg. But it seemed a bit pricey – $38 for 1.3 gallons. The 1.3 gallons is concentrated and produces 8 gallons of useable product. So at almost $5/gallon, it’s maybe double the cost of bleach and doesn’t sound so bad that way. Of course I know bleach works and this would be a total gamble. The guy who was pushing it said that all you do is spray it and forget it – that it takes a while to work and continues working for months. I went for it.

Today I decided to do the flight test and sat down to read the instructions. The devil is in the details. The literature reiterated that it works over time rather than instantaneously and uses natural factors to gradually make it happen. That would be things like dew, rain, and sunlight. And it could be up to a year to see the results. That cracked me up and I knew I had been scammed since you’d really never know if it was working. I laughed out loud when I thought about explaining to Nancy how it was really working when the awnings were still green a month or six from now. But it sounded good to me and cut me quite a bit of slack. Nancy is a nit picker inspector kind of person so this delayed results thing would definitely throw her off her game.

I mixed up 2 gallons and in 10 minutes had sprayed the awnings and a few stained spots on the deck. For me that started the 12 month wait. And I’d only used maybe 1/2 gallon of the juice so this was looking cheaper too. I remembered that our porch screen was also turning green and that an hour of pressure washing a few months ago had not touched it. We really didn’t have a solution for that and had been talking about maybe having a professional cleaner come in and tackle it with steam or something. What the hell, let’s spray the screens. My reservation was that if this stuff ate away the screens, I’d have real problems. The container said non caustic, non acidic, no bleach and that it worked on any surface. It also said “Danger, keep out of reach of children”. I went back to the awnings and noticed that they were still there and had not started fallling apart; in fact maybe they were not quite as green. So I decided to experiment with one screen panel. When the spray hit the screen it started to fizz. I checked back in 10 minutes and the panel was almost green free; just a few spots that I had probably missed on the first spray. I hit those spots and moved on to a bigger, gribbier panel. In about 20 minutes I had sprayed all the easily reachable areas and could see the mildew disappearing within seconds of the application. Back to the awnings – the mold and mildew were gone. I can’t imagine how good they are going to look in a few weeks if this stuff actually takes time to work.

I have about half a gallon of the first batch still in the sprayer so I’ll do a touch up tomorrow – assuming the screen is still intact and not all eaten up. So far this stuff is incredible. If you’re interested it’s call Wet & Forget – moss, mold, mildew Stain Remover.

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