No adult supervision

Nancy is away for a week on a Quilting Cruise – a real cruise to the Bahamas, Haiti, Cozumel and points wet and warm. She went with two others from her local quilt group and will join up with another 125 or so fellow stitchers from all around the country. This was perfect for both of us – she gets to go on a cruise that she’s always wanted and I get to not go, which I’ve always wanted. So I am without adult supervision. Nancy takes these lengthy sojourns a few times a year so I save up big jobs to complete during her absence. I do better without supervision and can get deep into these dirty jobs without worrying about coming into the house on occasion and really getting gribby and nasty. I also seem to survive with no scheduling – fish when the fishing looks right; eat when the urge hits; have the XM 50 on 24/7 or soak in total silence for hours at a time. I’m sure this will get very boring…….. won’t it???

I do a few quirky things to adjust to my temporary lifestyle. Such as setting out a set of silverware, a cereal bowl, a coffee cup and a wine glass. That’s all I use and just wash each piece as I finish it and return it onto paper towel on the counter. No sinkful of dirty dishes. A pot of coffee lasts me 3 days. I make it the first day and then just put the carafe in the refrigerator. I microwave a cup or two every day as needed. At night I blast thru NetFlix that Nancy doesn’t like – shows such as The Wire, Deadwood, and Quentin Tarentino movies. And I really do like to get into a made up bed so you might think that would be a problem. Not to worry. I am a very quiet sleeper and have it down pat to where I can slip out of bed in the morning and it looks like no one was ever there. Just reposition the pillows and oila, made bed.

One of those gribby jobs turned out to be a bit prophetic. Last year I ran an additional cable from the portable generator to the house. I felt better with a bit more current carrying capacity in that 150′ run. Putting the cable together turned out to be a bigger job than I’d estimated so I never got around to burying it. So with the grib patrol gone, I decided to bury it and did just that. Completing that I decided to crank up the generator. That’s something that should be done from time to time just to make sure it works It started right up on the first pull and I ran it about 5 minutes. Later that day, watching National news, I learned that Florida had a major power black out that darkened about half the state. We were untouched. I’m sure there’s a good technical reason we were spared but deep down inside I know it’s because I tested the generator and would have been ecstatic to actually put it to good use. I bought it after the 2004 hurricanes and it hasn’t run an hour since. I’d love a nice 2 hour outage in prime time just to luxuriate in my preparedness.

We got a reminder that it’s still winter with a freeze warning issued last night. I am a bit concerned about the garden but if it crashes now, we still got most of what I’d planned harvested. It looks ok right now but it will take a day or so to really determine if any damage occurred. My biggest worry is the grapefruit tree which started blossoming last week. Not sure what it will mean if it gets nailed now since there is no formed fruit yet and only a few blossoms are actual open. Perhaps it would blossom later. We have two grapefruit trees and the ruby red doesn’t blossom for another few weeks so even if we lose one crop, we have a backup going. When we get these freezes, the coldest point is just about dawn so I got up at AM and put the sprinkler system on the grapefruit tree. Hopefully that will be all it needs. Actually I don’t think it got that cold. The thermometer attached to our atomic clock was blank so clearly that craps out when it gets too cold. The old dial style read 40 and I’ve found that fairly accurate. And I have a couple of pans of water out on the porch and none of those froze so I’m hopeful that it just didn’t get all that cold. I’ll go out in an hour or so and check on the garden.
And finally – American Idol to date. Seems to me to be a better batch with more evenly matched talent so far. Right now I’m impressed with the tattoo lady and Murray UT guy although Filipino girl and scarf neck guy are close seconds. Maybe weird hair need a shave guy but I think he’ll crash before it’s over.

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