political update

It struck me that this coming election is the perfect caricature of our two parties. The Democrat candidates are black and feminine and include an ambulance chasing lawyer – how perfect is that; the Republicans are fielding a business tycoon, a Bible thumper, a prisoner of war hero, and a top cop tough guy – all white males. Each of these represents exactly the face of one of their respective constituent groups. We are missing a Jew. There’s a Catholic, a Mormon, a Baptist, and a hint of Muslim. Perhaps one of the VP’s will fill the obvious hole.- Lieberman? Or will somebody do a deep genealogical search on Bill or Hillary and find an old Jewish grandmother way, way back there?

I’m actually starting to enjoy the process because this year it’s turning out to be so blatently hypocritical. The Kennedy’s can come out with their dislike of the Clinton’s and no longer have to pretend that the NE liberals really do like the old south rednecks. And you get to see the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s squirm around trying to make Bill happy even though they dislike Hillary. McCain who fought all the Bush tax cuts is all of a sudden a big tax cutter; Romney who won MA by being a pro abortion, gun control guy is all of a sudden seen the light and gone pro life and is joining the NRA. Huckabee is a standard old fashion Southern Democrat. He’s the way they all were back in the 50’s and 60’s but was forced to the other side when all the liberal Supreme court decisions went against the south in the 60’s – that would be Roe V Wade; Miranda; prayer in the classroom. He’s the guy most of my Southern Democrat friends would like to vote for if only he were a Democrat.

So on the Democrat side it’s easy to figure out who votes for whom because they all have exactly the same policy positions – none, vote for me because it will be a change and I’m a __________ (fill in the blank). It’s also easy to figure out the numbers. I think blacks represent about 12% of the voters; women 52%. So even pulling off the black females, it says that in the end behind the curtain, Hillary gets about 40%. The redneck democrat vote goes to Edwards; Barack pulls off maybe 30%.

The Republican numbers are harder to come by and splits more along geographical lines. Guiliani will do well in the NE if he can survive Florida; McCain will do fine in the south where there’s a large military presence; Huckabee does best in the south and farm areas; Romney dominates the mountain regions. In the end I’m sticking with my earlier prognostication, McCain. Too many people will not vote for a Mormon; will not vote for a New Yorker; will not vote for a Catholic; will not vote for a Baptist preacher. That leaves McCain – the only group that won’t vote for him are the conservative Republicans (like me).

In the ensuing general election, McCain wins because there are so many people who won’t vote for a Clinton and so many Democrats who like McCain because he votes with them so often. So my democrat friends and family should be happy campers – either way a democrat wins. I’m going to vote a straight “none of the above” ticket. The good news for the Democrats is that O’Bama has 4 years to get out there with actual positions and collect some money. Even if McCain wins, at 72 not likely he’ll be an 8 year president and he’ll be in excellent shape to try again.

Garden news – Planting the last batch of winter crops and starting summer seedlings. Lots of new stuff including celery and Asian vege’s which I’ve never grown before. Vege’s with names like suhoi, tatsoi, komatsuna, haruki, and Michili – you know, all the old standbyes. I started the celery seeds a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see how incredibly tiny the seedlings are. Wispy, fine plants that look too delicate to ever turn into anything. I’ve never grown celery before but expected something quite a bit bigger at the start.
The transition from winter crops to summer crops is soft so there’s really never a time when the garden is not fully planted and one item or another is either being harvested or planted. The trick is understanding the timing of each type of vegetable so you know when to start seedlings so that they are ready to transplant coincident with harvesting something. I’m getting the hang of that but still mess up more often that I like to admit. I attribute some of my mistakes to the variability in growth rates caused by weather changes. A crutch.

I’ll finish the soil building program in the next few weeks attacking the last couple of areas which have not been fortified. It’s interesting that when you view the garden you can visually pick out those areas instantly because the plants there are just not as robust and healthy looking. The plants never get as big and they are much later to actually produce a crop. I’ve split some crops with some plants from the same starter set in one area and the rest in another so that I could quantify exactly what the difference is and whether or not it’s worth all the extra effort. It is.

2 thoughts on “political update

  1. If you don’t vote, then you’re saying you’re equally satisfied (dissatisfied) with all the candidates and won’t voice an opinion in how things are going over the next 4 years…. No Monday night quarterbacking…


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