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Catch up. Lot’s of stuff since the last update.

We had an interesting day last Monday. About noon Joey called and asked if we’d like to go out on the boat a few hours later. Seems that he’d been contacted by a local TV channel to do a piece on Indian River Cruises. On the local cable network there’s an all local news channel. One feature segment is called Flordia on a Tankfull and it describes different places one can visit in Central Florida within a tank of gas. The feature writer had been developing a story which for some reason cratered and he needed a replacement story which he could complete from start to finish in a couple of days. He had in mind to do a story on the boat and cruises some time in the future but needed to move it to the front burner. He wanted to film with a representative set of customers on board and who could be more representative than us. So we hopped in the car and were ready for a 3:00PM departure. It was a bit cooler and a bit windier than we would normally consider great sailing weather but we still loved it and were able to participate – even being interviewed. The reporter was a young guy who did it all – video camera, still camera, interviews – including taping himself sitting on the deck as if there was a camera crew focusing on him. As I said it was cool, as in jacket weather, but the reporter had an image to maintain so when he was doing the segment where he was the focus, he was seated on a deck chair wearing a short sleeve shirt and looking for all the world like it was a mid summer day. He said it was the same shirt he wore on each segment – his signature costume.

He goes back to the studio and edits all his footage down to a 5 minute piece that airs over the weekend once an hour on the 55 minute mark. Since we don’t have cable we won’t get to see it and to see if I’m edited out or have some role. I didn’t think twice about the writers strike and just went ahead with my performance.

On Wednesday we headed to California for a mini vacation with Fred and Martha. The main event for Nancy was a major quilt show in which her friend Barbara Jones was showing off her wares. Also on the agenda was a visit with Uncle Vinny, now 88.

The trip started auspiciously with the landing in Atlanta and the sight of snow falling. Atlanta is not the city you want to be stuck in when it’s snowing. The temperature hovered at 32 which required all zillion planes to be de-iced before takeoff. Atlanta has one de-icing station so I’ll leave the math to you. We boarded the flight to CA about an hour late; sat at the gate for an hour or so before they deplaned us and told us to hang around. A couple hours later the crew ran out of time – a union thing – so our flight and about 100 others were cancelled. All along planes were not able to land since there were no open gates and were diverted to alternate airports. Zoo. Luckily we belong to the Crown Room and they kept those open along with keeping the bar open so it was only so bad. We got out of Atlanta about 9 AM. The rest of the trip was flawless.

On the first full day, Nancy and Martha went off to the show; Fred and I hit the Apple store and Whole Foods. I had some questions for the Apple folks regarding an upgrade and also wanted to see the new Air in person. The Air has not yet arrived at stores so that part of the visit was for naught. But I did get my technical questions answered regarding an upgrade to the latest software and got to play around with the 24” Imac. I see one of those in my future – definitely easier on old eyes. The new Pasadena Whole Foods is incredible. Can’t begin to describe the prepared food options but for sure it’s the best I’ve ever seen. The only one even close to us is a mess so visiting this one really hurts.

On Saturday morning we did breakfast at a Chinese restaurant – a Dim Sum feast. There is simply no place on earth Nancy would rather eat than a Dim Sum place. The highlight for me was having Chinese Brocolli. It was the best green dish I’ve ever had. As soon as we got home last night I hit the seed catalogs and found it. It’s called Suiho and is actually Chinese Kale. Those seeds will be on order before the days over. Saturday afternoon we visited Uncle Vinny and Gerry. He had prepared a very nice meal, baked Cornish game hens basted in wine over a bed of pasta with his special spaghetti sauce. It couldn’t have been nicer and we had a great afternoon just catching up. Other than the fact that he’s 88 and moving more slowly, he’s still the Uncle Vinny we all know and love. All you have to do is mention Hillary or Barack to get him cranked up. I just didn’t have the heart to try to convince him how great it would be if either of them were elected. I wimped out!!! Twenty years ago I would have lit that fuse and ducked for cover.

Sunday was the quilt show for Nancy and Martha; playoff football for Fred and I. A nice dinner at a sports bar so we could see the end of the game and then a perfect, on time flight home. I had a smallish brain fart at the Daytona Airport finding the car but the place is small enough to do a simple search mission so that set us back maybe 10 minutes in time and about 30 minutes of grousing from Nancy.

4 thoughts on “catch up

  1. I find it hard to believe that Mom let you off the hook with only 30 minutes of “Jesus, Joe”… She must be softening up too….


  2. I find it hard to believe that Mom let you off the hook with only 30 minutes of “Jesus, Joe”… She must be softening up too….


  3. Just a hi from us, and all is well here. Just checking up to see what’s going on with Joey. Hope it’s still going good as could be expected for him. He’s in our prayers.


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