post freeze report

Well the freeze last week was not as hard as forecast but did inflict some damage – hammered the tomatoes and a bit of leaf damage on baby cauliflower plants. By and large everything else seemed to fare well. I’m going to do an experiment with the tomatoes and simply cut away the dead foliage. The fruit seems hard 5 days after the event and I’m thinking it would be a bit mushy and turning black if it had been killed. The question will be whether the plant can still mature the fruit with so much foliage damage. I’ve watered well and gone to a full chemical attack with regular fertilizer – don’t think this is any time for a wimpy organic. I’ll give it a week to show some improvement or just yank out the old and plant something new. Time is running out for winter crops but about 3 months away from planting summer stuff so I can’t dilly dally on making the decision one way or the other. Sure glad it’s back in the mid 70’s. Two days of winter is just a little much!

I don’t know what all of you do with your kohlrabi but we have a new favorite. Cut shoe string pieces and mix with cabbage to make an incredibly crunchy cole slaw. I used half a head of cabbage and one kohlrabi and a few tablespoons of Marie’s cole slaw dressing. Um, um good. We brought some to Tommy’s for New years day dinner and nobody complained so that was a good sign. Gave a couple to Wilma, Nancy’s bridge partner and she shredded them up with carrots. Unfortunately I only planted a couple dozen and they’re winding down. Have to get some more on the front burner for Fred’s visit although I have a few rows of Japanese Turnips that should fill the void.

Nature at this place never ceases to amaze me. Aside from the mouse in the trunk, George has a baby squirrel in a nest way up under the cover of his dock. But I think I beat all of these today. I started a project to put a set of motion lights on the driveway about halfway between the carport and the house. It’s really dark when walking from the car to the house and Nancy is a little reluctant to park up there after dark. The project is technically easy; pick up a hot line already in the carport and run a new circuit down to the tree where the motion light will be mounted. I already have a junction box mounted to a post at the carport so I figured the easiest way to deal with that end was to open the junction box and figure out which set of wires to splice onto. Imagine my surprise when I took the lid off the junction box and 6 or 8 tiny eggs rolled out along with some broken egg shells. The junction box has a cover and gasket so the only opening is a micro slot where the wires enter the box but something somehow got into that and laid a clutch of eggs. The eggs were white, round with a diameter of about 1/4”. Very tiny, very delicate. I had to dissect one to see what was inside and found a tiny lizard in some stage of development. You could make out the head and eyes and the general shape so I’m fairly certain that’s what it was. As I said there were several broken eggs so clearly something hatched and left the box. I’m guessing that the rest of these may hatch as well so I have them in a good spot in my shed.

2 thoughts on “post freeze report

  1. I didn’t know you could get Kohlrabi in Fla, much less grow it. I tasted it in Maine some 40 years ago and thought it was just a white carrot. Guess my education is sadly lacking. I’m going to look in Publix for some and try it again. How are you baby lizards?


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