winter’s here

We’re about to get winter just when I was gearing up for global warming. The forecast was for 30 degrees last night and 26 tonight. It was actually only 40 here so maybe it will only get to the mid 30’s tonight. I don’t necessarily think the forecast was wrong but rather believe we have a bit of a micro climate here due to the lake. It’s been warm all fall so the lake water temp is still in the 60’s and the ground is still quite warm. Also it was windy all night which tends to keep things warmer and more moist – picks up warm moisture from the lake surface. If we make it through this cool down, the next one could be the more damaging with cooler lake water and cooler ground temps. Just to be safe I picked a few heads of broccoli, cabbages, and enough lettuce to last a week. I covered up all the veggies which I think are vulnerable, picked all the grapefruit and will just hope for the best.

Another first for the garden – cauliflower. I have never grown cauliflower and it seemed to me that maybe they wouldn’t do well here since no heads had appeared 90 days after planting. Then early last week the mini head formed. Within 3 days there were heads forming on all and the first one had more than tripled in size. So I now know that once they start coming on, they make up for lost time. Lots of little snow peas now so those will be hitting the frying pan in a few days.

We had a nice New Years holiday and for the first time in years, actually made it past midnight. We usually celebrate when they do in Europe and are tucked away in bed by 10 PM. This year we had an early dinner at a very nice restaurant with a good friend and then drove down to Tom’s house to attend his New Year’s Eve gala. It was a nice group of people and we had a fun time. My favorite was watching Tina’s chocolate fountain and a little fella who was mesmerized by it. I think he was 5 or 6 and started slowly by picking up a pretzel and correctly holding it under the fountain. That worked so well he picked up a cookie and repeated the procedure. After a while he was dunking stuff – cookies, veggies, fruit, whatever was handy – with both hands and his face was getting more and more smeared and covered with chocolate. Finally he couldn’t stand it and stuck both hands – no fruit, no pretzels, no cookies, just the hands – and started sucking on his fingers. All the adults – except for me – were engaged in some kind of party game so I was able to witness this guy getting away with something that would have horrified his parents. What he didn’t realize was the evidence all over his face.

Gator game – what Gator game???? Sure glad I switched to the Missouri Tigers.

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