garden update

The garden is going gangbusters. We’ve been picking green beans for a couple of weeks so they’re about played out. I won’t plant more green beans until next April. The cucumbers are coming on strong and unless we hit a freak freeze, will be more than both our families can handle without going into cucumber overload. The variety is brand new and totally burpless with no bitterness at all so you eat them without peeling. Can you do anything with cucumbers aside from cutting them up in salads? We picked the first cabbages this week and will have enough to last through this month at least. Could pick a kohlrabi any time now and that crop too will carry us through December. Little heads are forming on the broccoli which means we’ll start cutting that soon after the first of the new year. Probably pick a few heads of lettuce next week and then right on through until late spring. I plant new lettuce on more or less a continuing basis so once they start maturing, there are plenty behind them. I’m actually planting 5 different lettuce varieties so we’re going into the salad season with a nice future ahead. Plenty of little green tomatoes so we could be into those before Christmas but I’m guessing right after the first of the year. Blossoms just starting on the snow peas so that too will be a late Dec – early January start.

Our cousin Martha suggested that a new popular veggie in California is Broccolini which she described as a replacement for broccoli raab. I searched all my catalogs, and no seeds available. I learned on the internet that broccolini is a cross between broccoli and Chinese Kale developed in Japan. So far, no luck locating a source for the seeds. I can get the Chinese Kale and the picture shows it looks like broccoli raab so maybe I’ll try that (or not).

So far it looks like the soil enrichment process is working. Each time I start a new garden section I thoroughly go through and de-rock it down at least 8”. Then top with a 6” layer of yard mulch – chipped up bushes – a 40# bag of composted manure and a 40# bag of peat. There is no doubt that when I plant in the area that received this treatment, it’s far superior to the areas previously planted. So by spring, I will have done this process twice for 100% of the garden. Then plan now is to add another 100-200 SF of garden area in the spring. At that point we should have enough space that we’ll be harvesting year round and it shouldn’t require that much attention to the soil itself. When I pulled out the first bean patch, the soil was rich, black and soft. Prior to all the work on it, that same spot was sand, sand, and more sand.

Now I’m thinking chicken coops. Think eggs, wings, and chicken poop. If I was still tying flies, it would be a no brainer

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