last weekend

Had a fun, interesting, educational weekend. On Saturday we hooked up with Joey at Canaveral National Seashore. He had a weekend charter and planned to anchor in the New Symrna end of Mosquito Lagoon where the river and the ocean are only a few hundred feet apart. They anchor about 500 yds from shore and ferry their passengers over to the beach for a day of sun and fun. We go to that same beach quite often so it sounded like fun to meet up with them for the day. Along with their clients, two other couples from the Marina joined along with their own boats so when all was said and done there were 11 of us. We were quite lucky to get a parking space. When we got there the smallish parking lot was totally full and only by luck, we decided to hang back and wait to see if anybody pulled out which happened. When we unloaded the car and walked over the dune to the beach I was very surprised to see no one on the beach. With all those cars, I assumed it would be mobbed. I looked down the beach and maybe 1/4 mile down there were many beach umbrellas and obviously lots of people. I wondered why they would all leave the immediate area where the bathrooms and showers were and trudge down so far to set up camp. I’m thinking maybe there were some shark sightings, some jellyfish, or maybe bad currents where we were and the people had all moved down to safer territory. Mark and one of the customers had got there a bit ahead of us and set up a nice sun canopy so we headed a couple hundred feet down to there and put up our umbrella and chairs. A bit later the whole crew arrived and we just started doing the normal beachy things – drinking beer, surf fishing, and some swimming. I mentioned that I wondered what was the big attraction down the beach and was told “oh, that’s a clothing optional area”. OK. After drinking a brew, I went down to the water’s edge and started gathering sandfleas for bait. One of the couples with Joey’s party walked down to see what I was doing and then dragged me along with them for a walk – toward the nudie area. OK. I’m focused intently on finding and capturing bait so I was mildly surprised when I looked up and noticed that the gal I was walking with had already taken off her top. It wasn’t a big piece of clothing to start with so only a few more inches were exposed but they were in fact totally exposed. By this time we have arrived at the population center and sure enough, nobody was wearing anything – but me and the gal’s husband. I noticed a decided absence of tan lines. I can honestly say I’ve never been around so many nude people and that’s about all I’m going to say on the subject except to add that I know for sure that I don’t have any heart problems.

And we caught quite a few fish.
We left the beach about 4PM and headed for a small Italian restaurant/wine bar called Romesco’s to use a gift certificate we’d received last Christmas. That experience was as surpising as the nudie beach. Joey had told us it was good so we were expecting good food but the surprise came when we got the antipasto we ordered. Real antipasto is not a lettuce based salad with some meat and cheese as it is often served in lesser, pseudo-Italian restaurants. The real stuff as served in Italy, Philadelphia, NY and other advanced Italian food places is mostly olives, cheeses, and thinly cut, fine cold cuts. Along with some marinated onions, perhaps roasted peppers, pickled cloves of garlic, dried tomato – all drizzled with a fine olive oil and seasoned with oregano. And that’s exactly how it was served along with crusty Italian bread. There were probably five or six different varieties of olives, that many different cheeses and the thinnest cut prisciutto, mortaldello and genoa salami you could have. It had been so long since Nancy or I had experienced the real thing, that when it came we just looked at each other and smiled. The antipasto and a couple of glasses of nice wine hit the spot perfectly.

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