Olivia’s week

This was Olivia’s week with us. So as you might guess Nana played a bigger overall part than I did but we managed plenty of excitement. On the first night I introduced her to the pet bass. I would catch a bream, flip it to where I knew the bass would be and she would squeal with delight as he gobbled it up. After a dozen or so, she wanted to be the one who tossed the bream to the bass. Believe it or not, he grabbed 18 bream for a new all time record. We know it was the same fish because you can watch him grab the bream and then retake his position beside the ladder. The low water is quite clear now and I’m sure the bass is in the 7 pound range. The next night was quite a bit different. Olivia wanted to actually catch the bream herself, take them off the hook, and feed the bass. I was totally out of the loop except as a score keeper. Oh, and it was not ok to just call it a pet bass, it needed a name. We agreed on Barney. So henceforth we called it Barney. On the second night, Barney ate 11 bream. It’s really hard to imagine the fish could still swim with 18 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday. Monday was a repeat with 13; Tuesday, 10. I’m sure we could have done more on Tuesday but George and Rick took out their kayaks and banged into the dock, scaring Barney into hiding. Wednesday we didn’t get home until quite late so the week’s tally was a phenomenal 52 bream in 4 days. Oh, and by Monday, Olivia was kissing the bream goodbye before feeding them to Barney.

Monday she and I went crabbing in Bulow Creek. Simon and I had caught 18 on our last visit which I thought was a fairly high hurdle. We got off to a slow start – plenty of crabs but Olivia was having trouble with the long net so we switched off and she became the line person and I took over netting duties. We managed 4 lines and several times had 3 going at the same time. We lost track and when I asked if she was ready to quit, she wanted to know how many I thought we had. Until I could definitively tell her we had more than 18, she was staying. As it turns out we got 24. Nancy had the water boiling by the time we got home so she and Olivia enjoyed another crab feast.

As I said, she actually spent most of her time here with Nancy. They squeezed in two shopping trips so her birthday next week is covered. On Sunday, after shopping, they worked on a quilt and finished it Sunday night. Olivia actually did the block placement so the design is hers. On Tuesday she went to Nancy’s quilt group meeting and along with another gal her age, sorted through 7 boxes of fabric recently acquired from a friend in Salt Lake City. On Wednesday she went to the Duplicate Bridge club in Crescent City. She watched closely for the first half and then actually got to help in playing a hand after lunch.

The other big activities were working on a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle – still not completed and watching a few episodes of Northern Exposure from Netflix between our evening fishing trip, a shower to get rid of the fish smell, and crashing to sleep. The week flew by so I know I had a good time. Next time she comes, I need to take her surf fishing. Just not enough time to do it all!!!

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