A new valuation??

All in all most of last week was boring. I pretty much finished up the tough yard work and we’re in good shape now for a few months. The chipper has been the big enabler. My friend Bill Dentel and I picked it up when we first started clearing the property and it’s been a real work horse. With a 10HP engine, this machine can really eat up the yard trash and spit out mulch. It runs about 2 hours on a tank of gas and I’ve run through 3 tanks of gas in the past 3 weeks. That’s some serious chipping. I also took advantage of the low, low lake level and cleaned out logs and trash along the beach and constructed a new bottom step for the dock ladder. Under normal conditions there were plenty of steps but with the drop in lake level, that last step was a long way from the bottom and required a gymnast – or at least someone under 60 – to climb up from the water.

The weekend was R and R time for sure. On Saturday we went out for a lunch cruise on Joey’s boat and took our old friend Betty Tighe along. It’s the first time she’d been out on it and was of course blown away by the whole experience. After the boat we did Margharita’s at Grill’s and topped it off with a few cold drafts at the Sanford Boat works. Sunday was Father’s day and Tom’s family came up. Eileen came too so we had a nice family get together complete with swimming in the lake and feeding the pet bass. Tina brought all the food so it was a nice relaxing day for Nancy too.

Got a bit of a shock today. Across the lake from us is a mobile home. It’s on a nice piece of property and recently a for sale sign went up. A few people have asked us to let them know if anything on the lake ever comes up for sale so we drove by today to pick up a realtor brochure. The property is 5 acres with 270 feet on the lake. The mobile home is a 1972 vintage that has been completely refurbished inside and out. It’s 1370 sf of living space and a 700sf screen porch. The brochure says it has 4 (micro) bedrooms and 2 baths. The road to it is dirt and gravel – a bit windy and probably seasonally a bit nasty. I had guessed they would ask about $350K and take under $300K if it was offered. Guess again Joe. They’re asking $495K. I sure hope they get it!!! I can’t imagine the structure itself is worth $100K which would mean they think the property is worth about $80K/acre. I personally thinks that over the top. There’s a 40 acre piece for sale at $2M, $50K/acre and a 15 acre piece on lake Diaz – a nicer body of water but not so private – for $60K/acre.

On the garden front – the action has moved from here to Simon’s garden. The garden here is played out except for a few green tomatoes and big egg plants. We’ll till in as much organic mulch as we can round up and then let it sit and cook for a few months. Simon decided he needed a pumpkin patch and has started one in his back yard in Lake Mary. He made the initial planting last Monday and reported nearly 100% germination by yesterday. His game plan is to thin out the plants leaving the 12 strongest plants to produce for Halloween 2007. Other than watering, fertilizing and keeping the dogs out of the patch, the next step is probably designing face cutouts for the jack’o Lanterns.

2 thoughts on “A new valuation??

  1. It sounds as if you had a good fathers day I did too we played golf in the morning and had friends over for dinner that night.


  2. It sounds as if you had a good fathers day I did too we played golf in the morning and had friends over for dinner that night.


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