great week

Had a great week. My grandson, Tommy, came up and spent a week with us – to help me clear jungle and to chill out after a grueling finish to his Junior year. We really got lots done and have very large piles of debris to dispose of – if and when my chipper gets out of the shop. Simon comes up next week so maybe he and I can complete the chipping operation. I probably could have done it all myself but instead of taking 4 days it would have taken me 2-3 weeks. I don’t intend to ever let it get so far out of hand again.

It wasn’t all work of course. We spent most evenings down on the dock fishing. Tommy became an expert on catching bait sized bluegill and had a few opportunities to feed the pet bass. In fact he couldn’t resist and one night put one of the little bream on his cane pole and immediately hooked the bass. I wasn’t too concerned that he would land it with the flimsy pole and #10 hook but it gave him a huge tussle for about 5 seconds. For the next few nights he was no where to be found then last night, he reappeared and started gobbling bream again. The fishing wasn’t that great but the company was good. It all peaked last night between 8 and 8:30 PM when the bass suddenly went crazy. We got three with Tommy landing one fairly nice one. Between bass there were turtles stealing the bait so all in all it was exciting.

One day after clearing jungle for a few hours we headed over to the coast to do some crabbing. We struck out at the spot where Simon and I did so well last year; struck out at Tomoka Park; but struck gold at HighBridge. Tommy is really fast and actually netted one that was dropping off the bait. We ended up catching fewer than Simon and I did but they were bigger. We stopped at Publix to pick up some crab boil – that’s a seasoning you put in the boiling water before the crabs. Nancy had the pot boiling when we pulled in and within a couple of minutes she and Tommy were feasting on an appetizer of fresh blue crabs.

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