phase 2 garden

Started replanting the garden. The broccoli played out and the cucumbers just never amounted to much so I decided to just put them out of their misery and yank them. We got a great primary crop of broccoli and secondary heads for a few weeks so I guess the score to date is 1 and 1. I added 7 bags of composted cow manure to those areas and replanted with cucumber seeds where the broccoli did so well and beans where the cuc’s had done so poorly. I think the first bean planting from March 20 will play out next week and I’ll replant it with squash. The beans are great but the first planting only yielded maybe 60%. The second and third planting of the same seeds are doing incredibly well so either the soil in the first area was just too poor or maybe it was too cool when we planted. We did get a wintry blast a week or so after they germinated. Before replanting that section I’ll fortify it with the compost. I’m thinking that will be it for the hot crops. I’m not planning to add anything now until probably september. What’s really coming on strong – the eggplant. Great looking healthy plants with loads of blossoms. I love to grow eggplants and only wished I like to eat them. We also started a compost/mulch pile using the remnants from a camphor tree George cut down last week. We each have major chippers and can reduce a tree or shrubs to mulch in a heartbeat. I had a backlog of 3 months worth of palmetto fronds to deal with. All in all I spent 4 hours working the garden today and was totally bushed by about 2 PM. I came in, jumped into a cold shower and turned the AC down to 75. I had been wearing sandals so my feet were at least 3 showers dirty. Maybe by Sunday the true color will resurface.

Since I’ve been otherwise occupied for about 6 months, the jungle managed to creep ever closer to the “yard”. I decided to try to make up for the gap in attention by tackling a section every day. It really is unbelievable how quickly the undergrowth and vines regain control over the areas I had diligently cleared. I’ve accumulated huge piles in just a couple of days and have only covered maybe 10% of what needs to be done. Little Tommy is coming up later this week and I plan to take full advantage of his youth and vigor in tackling the heavy stuff. I usually burn the trash but with the drought has come a burning ban so out comes the chipper to convert it into little bits and pieces. I haven’t run it in about 3 years so I’m guessing it will take me a day to get it cranked up again. I’ll introduce Tommy to the pull rope and leave the technical adjustments to me. Probably the drought is the only thing that has kept the jungle from really taking over.

Lake report – low, low, low. It is now dry to the second piling out from shore. Depth at the end ladder 3′. My pet bass still has enough water to live under the dock and gobble up small bream so not too bad.

One thought on “phase 2 garden

  1. Gee if the lake was that low last year maybe I wouldn’t have ruined my camera. Good luck on the garden replacements, Ilove eggplant.


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