Reality sets in

I’ve had 3 jolts of reality this week and it’s reset my clock.

First I got my diploma from the treatment center. Nancy read that as “ok, back to the yard work”. I had a built in pass as long as I was getting zapped daily but when that ended, my pass was pulled in a heartbeat. I played the 30 day card but we’re back to real life. The silver lining on my dark cloud has been yanked.

It was confirmed last night that American Idol is not a contest to see who’s the best singer. I was fairly certain when some really low life talent lasted well into the contest but in the last two weeks, clearly the best singing talent was eliminated. I understood keeping the one with the long legs in much longer than her talent suggested; sort of a potted plant. And I knew from the get go that a fat girl like Lakisha, no matter how talented, couldn’t win. But knocking off the best singer and leaving one very good and one dud, tells you exactly what it’s all about. Melinda was just too old to get the teeny bopper votes. Reality

And finally and perhaps the most devasting, I found an error in a published Soduko puzzle today. Up until now I assumed that they were computer generated and therefore error free. When a puzzle didn’t work out, I took it on faith it was me that screwed it up. And I could live with that just fine. But it will never be the same now that I know the puzzle can have a printed error and that is possibly the source of the puzzle not working out. Would you want to work a jigsaw puzzle if you knew that maybe a piece didn’t fit; or work a crossword puzzle if you knew that only a misspelled word fit? For those of you in disbelief and saying that you know I just screwed up and blamed the puzzle man – I’m cutting it out and preserving it for proof. They print the solutions tomorrow and it will show it all worked out – can’t wait to see the one they show vs the one they printed today.

I think I’m going to spend the rest of the day fishing off the dock to get my head right.

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