last treatments

Tomorrow is my last day of treatments – #39. I can’t believe how fast the time went. According to the doctor only about 10% of the patients go through as smoothly as I did with virtually no side affects. He said that whatever minimal affects I am experiencing will be gone within a few weeks. That’s good because I’ve been very reluctant to take my kayak fishing while this freqent-urgent thing is going on. Getting in and out of a kayak up the Tomoka river is not something you take lightly. I go back again in 90 days after blood work and then 6 months after that. All in all it’s been a much more benign process that I ever thought possible.

We went to South Carolina this weekend to my niece Megan’s graduation from the University of South Carolina. What a great experience. We are so proud – having known Megan since she was an infant and now to see her achieve such an important milestone. Her degree is in Special Education and I know she’ll be a special kind of teacher. By hard work she got through in four years with zero student debt.

We flew up and back from Sanford to Spatanburg on Allegiant Airlines with Tom and Olivia. The baggage was a bit slow at both ends but other than that, the trip was fine. I love using these smaller airports – that is if you have to use an airport at all. When we got back to Sanford, Tina picked us all up and they took us out to dinner for Mother’s day. Nancy loves PF Chang’s so nothing would have suited her any more. They have a seperate, gluten free menu so Simon and Tina had very nice choices.

We’re starting to get some rain so all the local fires are fairly well controlled. I believe the closest we’ve come (so far) to a fire is 15-20 miles but the smoke hs been dense enough at times that we couldn’t see across the lake. Our concern is that with things so dry, a nearby lightning strike could start something very close to home. Come on rain!

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