bachelor week

Nancy took off for a quilting convention in Salt Lake City on Tuesday so this has been a bachelor week for me. It’s a show intended for quilting professionals and not open to the general public so she jumped at the chance to attend. A friend of her’s designs patterns and lines of fabric for a major fabric manufacturer and she is unveiling this year’s collection at the show. The most significant change here at the ranch is that I’ve added an hour to cocktail hour. And once again, I go a full week with no screwups. It’s amazing but when Nancy’s here I’m always doing things wrong but when she leaves, I never make a mistake. And it’s sooooooo quiet. I banged a frew pots last night just to make some noise.

The lack of rain has significantly dropped the level of the lake – between 3 and 4 feet. Normally you can climb from the water onto the dock using the ladder without touching bottom. Now you have to stand on the bottom and that’s not a good thing because the bottom is squshy and most people don’t like to stand on a squshy bottom. Nancy or Tina would just not be able to deal with it. So I decided to make that better by dumping sand around the base of the ladder to make a nice, firm standing area. I’ve dumped 6 wheel barrows of fill sand and stomped it into the soft bottom using the Italian grape squeezing technique. Much mo betta. Hope it dosn’t mess up my pet bass.

Speaking of the bass. He may not be as fast as I thought but he sure can see better than I guessed. I had a small bream on a hook ready to cast and was dangling him about 4′ over the water while contemplating exactly where to cast – no more than 5 seconds I would estimate. As I started swinging the bait, the bass came out from under dock and made a lunge at where he thought the bass would drop. I had no idea he could actually see the bait 4′ up in the air and that explains how he was able to nab any bream I tossed in so quickly.

Down to my last 7 days of radiation treatments. Still no side affects to any big extent. Based on this new equipment, it sure makes sense for guys to get their PSA checked. A few of the guys I’ve met let it go too long and they have to get hormone injections along with an extended -44 vs 39 – radiation treatment regimen. Apparently the hormone shots do have some negative side affects and the guys really don’t like getting them.

We’re officially eating out of the garden. Between us and the Sousa’s, we’ve consumed 6 brocolli heads and a load of jalapeno and banana peppers. Yesterday Barbara got a nice mess of crooked neck squash and then brought me over a jar of pickled peppers she made. They were outstanding!!! I did find a grasshopper nibbling on a cucumber leaf which means the critters are probably ready to launch an attack.

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