week 5

Completed week 5. Nothing new to report except add the word “frequent” to the sudden urges. Really feel fine; not tired or any other problem I was alerted to as possible side affects. One of our carpool guys completed the course and we picked up a newbie so we’re at 3 patients.

Garden doing well with plenty of squash, cuc’s and tomatoes forming. Also the brocolli started putting out heads. It’s always a surprise how quickly things change in a garden. Yesterday there were no signs of any heads forming on the brocolli and today there were small heads on 4 of the 6 plants. And I’d say the heads were 2” across so I didn’t need a magnifying glass to see them.

We head for Flagler Beach tomorrow for a week of sun and fun at the same duplex we visited last November. It’s more or less the same distance from the treatment center so I’ll keep on the same schedule and drive myself or with Nancy as a co-pilot. She can never, ever, ever be the navigator. nuff said on that. So if anybody needs to contact us, use the cell. There are so many great restaurants in that area that we will make no pretense of eating in or taking food with us. Some wine, other assorted libations and beach nibbles – but that will be it. The weather is looking good, mid to upper 80’s – perfect beach weather. Now if only the fishies will do their part.

2 thoughts on “week 5

  1. Sounds like the garden is really coming along watch for thoes bunnies. Who is going to protect the veggies when you are in flagler beach?


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