halfway point

Today was the 19th treatment out of 39 so I’m calling that the halfway point. Nancy and I celebrated with a nice dinner at Karlings- our special occasion place. Still feeling great but did add a new side affect this week. I now understand the term “sudden urge”. My appetite is down a bit but I can always stand to lose a few pounds so that’s not a negative. One of my carpool buddies completed his treatments today and they give him a diploma. Our Deland carpool of 4 gets to the treatment center about 9:15 and somehow I’m the first to hit the machine so usually when I walk in the door they send me right on back to the equipment. I sometimes have to wait for someone on the machine but at the longest, I’m back out front in 10 minutes. By that time the carpool from Orange City is there – another 5 guys. There’s a couple of pots of coffee going, sometimes doughnuts, always cookies so it turns into a real social event. Everything from politics, to fishing, and current events gets kicked around in a joking fashion so believe it or not, it’s an enjoyable morning. We’re all the same age, more or less, so we all know the world is going to hell in a handbasket and our kids have all sorts of problems. We don’t necessarily agree why, but we do agree it was much easier and better 50 years ago.

The garden is chugging along. I can tell we’re going to have a stellar crop of crook neck squash and cucumbers. I think there will be a mini harvest before the month ends. The tomatos are looking strong with plenty of blossoms and today, I spotted the first pea sized green tomato so I’m moving them into the sure thing column. Not quite as confident about the green peppers and have some serious concerns about the corn and the okra. I’ve never grown okra so not exactly sure what I should be seeing at this point but somehow I was expecting more. I can sleep well if the okra crop crashed but my mouth was watering over fresh picked sweet corn. We got about an inch of rain this week – the first since I planted the garden – so that should give it a boost. George and I bought forty 40 pound bags of cow manure that we’ll spread next time we till – probably in June or July. Hopefully that will add some body to this sand pile we’re farming. I see this as a multi-year project until we get really fertile, productive soil.

A tip. Tina was telling us on Easter that she learned a great heartburn cure. It’s new for her to get heartburn and one of her friends advised her that eating a piece of apple took it right away. I filed it away as an urban myth or something since I never heard of it and couldn’t imagine that cure would have gone unnoticed. A couple of nights ago Nancy had an attack and just that day had bought some apples. Sure enough, it worked. Last night my sister was here and was looking for Tums to kill an acid attack. Nancy cut her a piece of apple and as if by magic, the heartburn went away. So you can store this one away for the future.

Finally, I was going to post a picture of the garden but that will have to wait until next week. Instead Tom forwarded me this great picture of Simon with a Lookdown fish he caught on a camping trip to Fort Pierce this weekend. I can’t say if this is a world record but for sure it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. I used to fish for Lookdowns quite a bit when I was spending so much time in Palm Beach. Many nights we’d go to a local marina where they had bright lights hanging low to the water which would attract Lookdowns. We fished for them with light tackle and very tiny jigs. I think I can safely say I caught hundreds of them but they were maybe 10th the size of this beauty. As you can see they are bright silver and have a leathery skin rather than scales. They seem to be all head and are extremely thin. I bet this one wasn’t 2” thick. Supposedly they are very tasty but I always felt it would be really tough to clean them.

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