week 3 results etc

Finished the 3rd week of treatments and nothing exciting to report. I am experiencing a side affect. You are familiar with the expression “that burns my butt”. Well I understand exactly what that means, literally. I got the results from bloodwork last week and all is going well. According to the doc, I could have more side affects at this point in the treatment cycle and the fact that I don’t usually means I won’t experience anything to a large extent. Let’s hope he’s right.

Some interesting facts: The Southeast Regional Prostate Cancer Treatment Center has been open less than a year. The business plan projections were that they would have 50 patients in treatment by the end of the first year. They have 65. The Center is open from 6AM to 6PM and you can figure roughly 5-6 patients through the equipment per hour. That means they are nearly at capacity for a 12 hour day operation. Business Week did an enlightening article in a January issue describing the equipment and the business considerations. They stated that the average treatment cost for the 8 week series is $40,000. I have no idea what they’re is charging but assuming it’s near the average, that means about $2.5M in gross revenue per 8 week cycle or maybe $15M + annually. I’m sure they have $15M in the building and equipment, perhaps less, and they have a sizeable staff of professionals but I’m guessing this is a very nice investment for the doctors who own it. I can see where they could run it another 4 hours a day and maybe half a day on Saturday – still leaving time for routine equipment maintenance. So if you’re thinking about starting a new business, you might think about this one!

I have a pet bass. For the past few months I’ve been doing a fair amount of fishing off the dock. I catch a small bream, put it on a big hook, pitch it out and sit back to enjoy the scenery – maybe read the paper, work a Soduko puzzle, listen to XM50. Just relax. If the bait is not eaten in a half hour or so, it’s fairly worn out from swimming around dragging the float behind it. I bring it in, remove it from the hook, and pitch it back. Turns out that a bass had taken up residence under the dock and about a third of the time, within a few seconds of me tossing back the bream there’s a big splash or swirl where he nails the new meal. Today he hit the bream just before it actually hit the water. That’s incredible to me – that he actually saw the bream coming down and was fast enough to move the few feet in under a second. I figured that the drop height was about 6′ which meant that the drop time was on the order of 250 milliseconds. So the fish spotted it and moved to the spot in less than that. Amazing. I did an experiment last week and tossed the bream what I estimated was 10′ from the dock. In way under a second, I guessed it at 1/4 of a second, (using the “one Mississippi” method of estimating time) the bass went the 10′ and nabbed the bream. He had it by the time I thought “one”. That would make it perhaps 40′ per second or close to 25mph. That’s way faster than I would have thought they could move but the reaction time from when the fish hits the water and when the bass starts the charge must be a few milliseconds. I know I could catch him easily but have resisted doing so. I think it’s maybe 4-5 pounds and I’m just going to keep feeding him bream and wait till he gets to world record size.

The garden is fully planted out now. I had set aside some bean and corn seeds to plant 3 weeks after the initial planting. That way the crop is extended 3 weeks. Also planted some tomato seeds to extend the tomato season also. Several (original) tomato plants have blossoms so that should mean tomato sandwiches before June. I also spotted a micro crooked neck squash and a micro cucumber forming up. Did have a scare Sunday morning. We had a record cold temperature, down to the low 40’s, and I was afraid some of the more sensitive stuff would get clobbered. Sure glad we’re having some Global warming or it really would have been cold! I thought about backing my car up to the garden and emitting some greenhouse gases over top the vege’s but with gas at $3.70, it would be cheaper to buy tomatoes than go for the greenhouse affect. I opted for a sheet over top of the stuff I was worried about and it seems to have worked. Finally we’re getting a little rain which should make a big difference in growth this week. So far no critter attacks although I’ve seen a rabbit in the general vicinity 3 days this week. He’s quite tame and cute but will be converted to rabbit stew if I catch him eating my garden.

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