Go Gators

Before we moved to Florida the Gators had not won a National Championship in Football or Basketball in at least 50 years, if ever. We moved here and they have notched 3. You do the math. Rumor has it that Kentucky is trying to recruit Bobby Donavan. Wonder if they’ll be contacting us at the same time?

I’m particularly gleeful since Ohio State is one of the few teams in the nation I can truly say I’ve hated. Goes way, way back to a time when I worked at the Cape for some guy who was a Big 10, Ohio State fan and he prattled on about the Big 10 and how much better it was than the SEC. He was the boss and I was a summer hire so I kept my mouth as shut as I could. He was wrong then and assuming he’s still alive, is probably still wrong. I guess there’s a chance he got religion but I doubt it.

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