First quarter report

Finished my first 2 weeks of treatments so I am officially 25% complete. A few, very minor side affects but all in all, it’s business as usual. At this point I get a blood test to check hemogloblin. The doctor said they used to do this weekly but found that after two weeks you know with a high level of certainty whether there will be blood problems and most likely no more blood checks after this.

The garden is trucking along too. We got blossoms and micro peppers on the jalapeno plants; loads of blossoms on the cucumbers, and a blossom on the crooked neck squash. At this point everything seems on track but I sure wish we could get some rain to supplement the ground water. I’ve started paper mulching around the plants to keep the weeds down and covered over the paper with oak leaves. We have literally jillions of oak leaves that rain down daily so coming up with the raw material is easy. I used to do this in Utah using grass clippings over paper and it successfully kept the weeds down and held in moisture. We’ll see if the technique moves East.

The lake is quite low, about the lowest in 5 years. It would sure have been easier building the dock now than when we did it a couple years back. At that time the depth of the water was about 7′ at the end of the dock so it was really sporty putting up 25′ pilings. Today it’s 4′ at the same spot. So no diving off the end this Easter. It’s warm enough though. As of today, water temp is 76 and I suspect it will be closer to 80 by Easter. We wimpy native senior citizens consider 85 the minimum acceptable but the kids deal with anything over 70. It’s also clearer than usual, maybe 2-3′ range. That doesn’t sound like much but this is a dark water lake so the clarity is noticeable. I can literally sit on the end of the dock and watch the fishing swimming a few feet down and see an occasional bass attack on the bluegills.

Got a nice surprise this morning when Joey called and volunteered to come up today and power wash the house. In Fla that’s something you do once or twice a year to remove the mold that attaches itself to everything. Sounds yucky but only because it is. In addition to the mold it gets rid of wasp nests and mud dobber houses. Nancy was making noises about getting it done professionally this year instead of bothering Joey but when he came out of nowhere, well we just couldn’t hurt his feelings.

Go Gators. One more game. I expected them to trash UCLA but worry about the game tonight with Ohio State. There’s much emotion with this game, especially on the OSU side. The Gators blew them away in a basketball matchup in December – when Ohio State was ranked either 1 or 2 in the nation – and then who can forget the Football championship in which Florida totally dominated Ohio State, again ranked number 1 in the nation prior to that game. I’m thinking that OSU has really had their pride smashed by the Gators in the past 4 months and they need a win much more than Florida. There’s emotion on the other side too but more personal than program oriented. The same starting lineup that won the national championship last year is starting again this year. The kids all gave up pro shots and big bucks to win back-to-back national championships. You know they will be wanting to justify that sacrifice.

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