First radiation treatment

Today was the first day of the radiation treatments. In addition to the treatment itself, they did another filming and placed the permanent tattoo’s for gross external targeting. The place is really busy with old guys like myself but they shuffle through them very routinely. Nice smooth operation. I was actually being worked on for about 10 minutes so I anticipate in the future, it will be maybe half that.

The equipment and surroundings are really nice. Very pleasant and non- threatening. You lay down on this table which moves you into position under the actual radiation equipment. The radiation equipment then rotates from position to position, very smoothly and with little sound. When it stops, you hear a very slight buzz for a few seconds which I assume is the actual zapping. I say that because it sounds the same as when you have your teeth x-rayed. The only thing that alerts you that the process itself is serious, is that everyone leaves the room and this massive door closes. When I say massive door, I mean a door that is probably 10’x10′ x 2′ thick. So unless the smell of burning flesh bothers you — only kidding.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll take the shuttle service from Deland. That will save me the drive and I also think it keeps the process moving along quickly and on schedule. I asked if there was anything special I needed to do or to avoid – like going to the beach, having a toddy, eating red meat – and they said nope, do everything like I always do.

There are several positives surfacing. First is that the treatment center is about 3 minutes from Harbor Freight, my favorite discount tool place; It’s 5 minutes from the Fishing Hole, my favorite salt water fishing tackle store. So if I come away from a treatment feeling down, I can boost my spirits by buying a new tool or some fishing tackle. I can do that even if I come away feeling great – just tell Nancy I was feeling bad and she’ll understand. I also learned that the center is located in a sub sandwich hot spot. I counted 6 sub shops within 2 blocks and all looked to be doing a great business. I tried Nelly’s Deli because it was next door to an Italian bakery and I figured the bread would be good. Great shop but I need to withhold judgement until I’ve hit them all.

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