Turning into Dad

I’m turning into my Dad. It hit me hard this morning and I broke out laughing.

Over the weekend I hit a great sale at a tackle shop and bought a new surf outfit and an extra long rod. That part is still me. First thing this morning I headed out to my shed (shop) specifically to rig up hangers for the new outfits. The old Joe would just toss them in the shed or more likely in the back of the truck. But here’s where it really changes. I had picked up the hangers a couple of months back at a flea market because I knew that someday I would need hangers. I unpacked my 18V 3/8” drill and the correct 1/8” bit. The old Joe wouldn’t have had those nice tools and if he did, like from a gift, it would have taken an hour or more to find them. Then I opened my new project ladder that I had purchased last week at Costco. No specific need but I knew that it would come in handy. I went to the hardware chest and within a few seconds had the exact size self cutting screws needed for the job. About 6 months ago I bought a variety of hardware sizes and styles and abandoned the coffee can full of misc new and used screws, nuts, washers, nails, and whatever else fell into the general category of little stuff. It would have taken the old Joe an hour to accumulate the hardware and it would have been a mix of sizes and styles; whatever it took to fasten the bracket to the wall. The whole job, start to finish, for two rods was done in under 30 minutes. That would have been a half day project for the old Joe. And involved at least one trip to the hardware store and several band aides to staunch the bleeding from several cuts and gouges.

And here’s the capper – when the job was finished I put the drill bit back in it’s place; the drill back in the case; folded the project ladder and put it in it’s assigned spot and put back the unused screws. The old Joe would have been so frustrated with just getting the job done that all the tools and asundry parts would have been left wherever they happened to be at the end of the job or at best, all thrown together into a box which was shoved out of sight.

Now when I go to Daytona, I’ll drive out of my way to visit Harbor Freight – a tool candy store. And I never leave without dropping $20 on some obscure tool I can’t do without. Last week I picked up a pop rivet tool and a 10 pound sledge hammer. Ditto Costco. When we go to Costco I immediately hit the tool department. Last week I got the project ladder and a battery powered glue gun. I have more tools, newer tools, and better organized tools than anyone could ever imagine.

My Dad is cracking up and happy that his influence finally took hold. It only took 66 years so there’s still hope for my boys.

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