another paint job

Monday was a cold, dry day. Cold means in the low 60’s and dry means 35% RH. In Fla those are low numbers, I knew I would be spending the day inside not out on the dock fishing so decided that we should paint the other bathroom. The low humidity meant paint would dry quickly – sometimes a problem in our normally humid environment. We liked the way the first one turned out and figured that with all the experience from the first, this one should go smoother. Plus, I hadn’t put away all the paint gear from the first job. I was really happy with the Lowes Valspar paint so we went back. Nancy let me pick the color again. I’m in charge of walls; she’s in charge of towels to match. I picked a color called Clividen Gray Morning. And like the Coffee Gelato we used for the other bathroom, this really does look like a Clividen Gray Morning – whatever that is. The picture above doesn’t bring out the green at all but it has a very green tint to it. As hoped, the job did go smoother and took less than 4 hours start to finish. And with less mess. The bonus was that a few years ago I fell in love with a painting of a frog in a pond at the Mt Dora art festival. I bought it but really had no good place to hang it. It’s perfect in the bathroom so it must be a Clividen Frog.

This caps the paint fetish and I guarantee there will be no more painting.

Nancy and I watch American Idol when it gets down toward the end. We started last week. I have a 100% success rate on picking the winner when there are 12 candidates left. Not sure if I can keep that streak going this year. I can say for sure it won’t be a guy. No real talent there at all. The girls have 2 outstanding singers and one close. The two I like are both black, both a bit overweight and neither is a beauty queen. Melinda and Lakisha. The almost is white, has black hair with red tips, and a tongue doohicky. She’s all punk rock so I have to drop her from the list even though I can tell she has some talent. At this point, having heard them twice, I really can’t pick between Melinda and Lakisha. I have to hear them at least one more time but think these two are the finalists and it will depend on which song they select on the final show.

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