CT Scan

I had the CT scan and as predicted, it was a nothing process. You lay down on a table which moves you slowly thru this donut looking machine. It whirs softly for a minute or so and then slowly backs you out. The whole process start to finish was maybe 10 minutes and there was absolutely no feeling. My treatments start March 21 and will be approximately the same as what happened today. At the first treatment they tattoo the spots they marked today so they have permanent external targets for the process. When they told me that, I was hoping for some pattern selection and had in mind a bass leaping out of the water catching a dragon fly. On one side I’d have the bass just coming out of the water heading towards the fly and on the other side have him heading back down with the bug in his mouth. It turns out all I get are 4 target dots. The whole cycle is 39 treatments. How do they arrive at a number like 39? I pick up a shuttle in Deland at 9:15AM, 5 days a week and it deposits me back about 11AM. I think that will be fairly convenient, if there’s anything convenient about the whole thing. One thing I found interesting – they said to arrive for the treatments with a “comfortably full bladder”. That sounds like an oxymoron to me. Seems to me that once your bladder approaches full, you automatically become uncomfortable. And without a level guage, how do you know the fullness status of your bladder? I’m thinking a couple cups of morning coffee and an hour ride should meet the requirement. What I have to hope is that I don’t get uncomfortably full to soon.

I’m doing a garden this year with George. We’re taking the area where his pigeon coop was and planning a semi farming operation. I ordered the seeds and have started seedlings of several tomato and pepper varieties. We’ll have some of all the standard summer vege’s. Personally I have some doubts as to the likelihood of success. Aside from the normal critters like grasshoppers and aphids, I see rabbits, squirrels and possum in abundance. It’s worth a try but I’m not holding my breath or licking my chops for the big harvests. I gave up on gardening in Utah after the deer starting treating it as a fast food stop. I’ll plant some trusty zucchini since my Utah experience tells me that no critters aside from humans eat zucchini. If nothing else it will give me something else to think about and kill time while I do the daily radiation treatments. If my calculations are right, we should be picking some stuff just about the time I finish up.

One thought on “CT Scan

  1. If you had given birth to three children you would not be able to arrive with a comfortably full bladder.
    One positive thing to think about. 🙂 Mine can’t even be semi or moderatly full.


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