Paint Job

Nancy and I are officially getting old. Yesterday we were kicking back deciding what to do and thought about painting our bathroom. Nancy had mentioned something last week about wanting to paint a bathroom so we decided to go for it. Our bathroom is fairly small with lots of big windows and tile so it couldn’t be a big deal. I was fairly sure the toughest task ahead was to agree on a color. Nancy and I are “basic white” kind of people. Our logic was that you could add color with the decor and a basic color went with anything and made for an easy resale. We did agree to try something a little bolder than our previous choices. Nancy said that whatever color I wanted was just fine with her. Yeah, right. So we went to Lowes and I picked a color fairly quickly. Her first reaction was fairly cool and she suggested a few options but the choices were so overwhelming that she quickly backed off and just said to pick whatever I wanted. I recognize a trap when I see one, having been married for a 100 years but I was anxious to quit shopping so I stepped into it and bought the paint. I figured that the worst thing that could happen is that she hates it and we have to repaint it to whatever color she really wants. Paint is cheap and it’s a small room.

Nancy and I painted the whole house in Bountiful ourselves. That house was 4700 square feet and, believe it or not, took 75 gallons of paint. That included primer for the new walls and ceilings as well. We purchased paint in 5 gallon buckets – 15 to be exact. So we do know something about the task and recognized that this tiny bathroom was a nothing job. It does have high ceilings and a few challenges getting to the highest areas because of the bathtub. A few get down on your knees areas around the toilet. But all in all, a piece of cake. We got it all taped and painted in just under 4 hours including several timeouts. We used less than 1/2 gallon of paint to give you an idea of the scope of the project. But I can’t believe how sore we are all over. Back aches, leg cramps, and overall fatigue. It was a double Advil night. You would have thought we’d painted the Taj Majal for all the belly aching we did. I’m sure glad we opted for a small bathroom to start. We might, just might, do the other bathroom sometime in the future but without a doubt this cleared our heads of any thoughts of a major paint job in the future. Our clocks have been reset! 15 years ago, this would have been child’s play.

And the best part of all – Nancy loves the color – coffee gelato. Good thing because the chances of doing it over again are zero, zip, nada, ain’t goin to happen. Now she has the daunting task of trying to match towels to the new color.

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