I’m Golden, really

Had the gold target pellets implanted today. So my net worth probably went up about $600. The process was completed in under 10 minutes and painless. It was a bit uncomfortable and something you’d vote not to do but certainly nothing to fear or worry about. Next Friday I have the CAT scan from which the radiation profile is developed and then the actual treatments start the following week. I think from this point on the process is totally non-invasive and the worst part will probably be waiting in the office. The treatments are 5 days a week for 8 weeks which I guess takes me on into May. Haven’t got an appointment time yet so not sure how big an inconvenience the whole thing will be. Since the treatments will overlap the week we have at Flagler Beach in April, I have to find out whether I can adjust the schedule to be compatible with high tide when I most like to fish. What a bummer it would be if I’m getting zapped when I should be catching fish.

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