just trying………….

Nancy and I love the smell and feel of clothes that have been dried on the line, the old fashioned way. As long as weather permits, we hang out instead of using the drier. A while back, Nancy was having an ache or a pain that made it difficult for her carry out the loaded wash basket so I took over that job. Every now and again I’d take off the dry clothes and put them in the basket. I was told that my method lacked a bit of sophistication and that the way I put things in the basket made her work more than if she removed them herself. I could have dropped it right then having been given an official exit path but I accepted the (corrective) criticsm and learned to fold the items as I took them off. I eventually graduated to where I was occasionally hanging out the wet clothes. It all seemed to me to be a no brainer – hang them up, the wind blows, they dry, remove them from the line. And it went along just fine until this weekend.

We always change out the linens when we are having house guests and this weekend Joanne and Edna were coming over. Nancy washed the clothes and loaded the basket; I took it out and started hanging the stuff. I knew she was busy inside scrubbing floors and stuff like that. I was just about finished when she came out and started taking down all the stuff I had hung and rehung it. I asked what that was all about and she said she couldn’t have Joanne and Edna see clothes hung the way I did it. Then to make it even nicer, she said it was ok if I hung the socks. So right on the spot I’m demoted from general clothes hanger one to junior sock hanger.

Somehow the clothes dried and to me they seemed just as dry with my method as with hers but ………………. We had a great weekend of doing nothing – a few vodka and grapefruits, some great food, and a big, big bass.

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