Interesting day

Yesterday was an interesting day. I was not looking forward to it because I had an important, potentially unpleasant, appointment scheduled with the doctor and I was starting to fall for the Ohio State hype. As it so happens, the day started on a strange, down note. My normal schedule is to walk up to get the papers, ours and May’s, about 8 AM. On Monday the trip includes bringing the trash barrel back to the house. I came back with the barrel and the papers, stopped across from May’s and walked to her porch where I drop off the paper. She came out and we chatted for a minute or two about how nice her Camellia’s were this year. I started back to the road when I saw billows of smoke pouring out from behind my shed. As I looked for the source of the smoke, our pump burst into flames. I mean flames that leaped maybe 2′ in the air. I rushed over and beat the fire down with the newspaper. The box that held the pressure switch and relay contacts was totally melted down to a charred mess. I ran to the breaker box to confirm that the well breaker had popped. We made a call to the closest well service and they were on site within an hour. The whole mess had to be replaced and totally rewired – about 3 hours of labor and parts – totaling $265. This was not the start for the day I was hoping for. I’m guessing somewhere in the charred ruins is a piece of characoal in the shape of a lizard or frog. And I know bad things happen in threes. That’s common knowledge isn’t it? So now I’m really not looking forward to the rest of the day.

The appointment with the doc was at 4 PM; the Gator game at 8. The appointment involved the doctor having a “look” at my bladder (you can imagine how that’s accomplished) and discussing the results of the blood work from before Christmas. The news was good. The bladder was clean and the blood showed that the cancer was not aggressive. He is quite confident that we caught it very early and that it’s treatable without extraordinary means and multiple therapies. We discussed treatments and more or less settled on a radiation technique called Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment (IMRT). That’s an external beam treatment with short bursts of high intensity radiation. With the brand new equipment it’s further identified as Image Guided Radiation Treatment (IGRT). With this new equipment, they can narrow the beam and increase the dosage intensity because of the accuracy of the aiming. They get the image guiding by inserting pure gold “targets” directly in the prostate which the equipment locks onto before zapping. With the prior external beam technology, they put marks on your body and/or built up a mold that you wore during the treatment. But even then your prostate could move a few centimeters from treatment to treatment so it wasn’t possible to hit the spot exactly every time. With the guided tracking, that problem is eliminated. The course of treatments is 5 days a week for 7 weeks. It’s about the same as getting an x-ray at the dentist – totally painless and lasting a few seconds. The equipment is in Daytona so I either go there or to the office in Deland where they run shuttles back and forth to Daytona. I’m thinking that on days Nancy is playing bridge or at quilting, I’ll just do the shuttle. When she’s available we’ll go over and do lunch at one of our beach hangouts. At this time, we haven’t got a start date due to the surgery I have scheduled for the 16th. I’m hoping to get a meeting with the radiation people maybe still this week or the week following the surgery. So other than having the gold targets inserted, the rest of it should be a piece of cake. No doubt I’ll catch up on my reading while waiting for treatments every day. If you have more interest, has information on the Southeast Regional Prostate Cancer Treatment Center.

The game started on a down note for sure – the Gators down 7 points with less than a minute gone. The rest is history as the Gators took control and systematically destroyed Ohio State’s highly touted offense. The final of 41-14 was not really representative of the game since that opening kickoff return accounted for half Ohio State’s points and the Gator’s had another score bagged at the end but mercifully ran out the clock. So the Gators become the first NCAA team to win National Championships in both football and basketball in the same year. And for those who think Big 10 football is so great – note that both Michigan and Ohio State got whupped up on in the bowl games and Notre Dame was beat up badly by LSU. Speed wins. In all those cases the defenses were just too fast for the offenses and the bigger, slower team was just not able to deal with the speed of the game. That wasn’t a big surprise to me but how bad the Big 10 defense was, did surprise me. If Florida had a weakness all season, it was their offense. They only eked out small margins over their SEC opponents but completely dominated Ohio State. Ditto LSU – Notre Dame; ditto USC – Michigan. The receivers were just not covered at all. I’m guessing Keilbasa comes off the training table menu in the mid west.

One thought on “Interesting day

  1. Sorry to hear about the shed, you could have turned into Suzanne Sommers and lost your entire Malibu house!
    I have a new work schedule which is Tue and Thur, it’s not set in stone and I would love to come up and drive you to your appointments on the day’s Nancy is busy. I too could catch up on my reading, I am always looking for a reason to not do housework. Please let me know if you want the troops rallied. My dad came through this like a champ and I know you will too. xoxoxoxoxo

    Go Gators!


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