otter update

raingauge checker

Went down to the lake and just as I approached the dock, there was a big plop-splash. Then I’m hearing what sounds halfway between a sneeze and a grunt. I knew it was the otter so I backed off so he couldn’t see me. Sure enough it came out from under the dock to the shoreline and climbed up on a palmetto trunk. But I noticed it seemed quite a bit smaller than I remember. I left it undisturbed and went back to the house to tell George. I’ve seen the otter many times but he’s never seen it and was doubting my sightings. A few minutes later he knocks at the door and said there wasn’t an otter – but rather 4 otters. I went down and sure enough there were 3 or 4 in sight including the one very large one and two small ones. They hung around for a while playing just off the dock and didn’t seem the least bit afraid of us watching. So I’m guessing we have a family thing now. Wonder how long before I hook one? Wonder if that will screw up the fishing? Will I have to pop a few with the pellet gun to preserve my realm? I just know things are not the same!

The picture is my new Mexican friend checking out my new rain gauge that Nancy got me for Christmas. He’s just a little guy so he was impressed by such a gigantic rain gauge. I can now sit in the living room and tell the rainfall instantly.

In case anybody was wondering, the tornadoes that struck Volusia County on Christmas day were about 10 miles from here. Coming north on 17 about 1/4 miles past WalMart is a Hess Station. That station was damaged but a couple of trailer parks within a few hundred yards of there were torn apart. The parks were old and full of very old, 50’s vintage trailers and I was always amazed that they came through all those hurricanes totally unscathed. I felt sorry for the folks living there because you know they are not well off yankees retired here but mostlypeople of limited means. At our place, not a twig out of place.

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