Clark’s fish camp

We’d heard about a restaurant on the St. Johns in Jacdsonville a while back and had been wanting to try it ever since. Today seemed like a great day so we drove up to Nancy’s favorite Quilt Shop and then to lunch at Clark’s Fish Camp.

What a great place. It’s quite large with lots of indoor and outdoor dining. The place is decorated with all kinds of stuffed animals – not little stuff, but things like lions and tigers and bears and gators. In addition it was all decked out for Halloween which meant lots of life size animated ghouls and goblins. Intermixed with the stuffed animals, the overall affect was really good.

We sat outside right along the river. Numerous boats pulled up and unloaded for lunch the whole time we were there. The menu was quite large and extensive, maybe 90% seafood oriented with lots of specialty items. We had a calamari appetizer, onion rings and soft shelled crab sandwiches. Spectacular. As we were eating, I noticed a guy at the table next to ours working on what looked like a prime rib roast. I had never seen such a large hunk of meat outside the grocery store. As we were leaving, I asked our waiter what it was. He identified it as the Joan’s cut which is slightly smaller than Jack’s cut. He said it was 2 1/2 pounds. I checked the menu and it was $22.95; Jack’s was $24.95.

When we finished up, Nancy pitched a piece of her roll over the side. It looked like a school of piranha attacked it – some monstrous size bream.

It’s too far to go on a regular basis but anytime you’re near Jax, put it on your “must do” list. It’s maybe 5 miles west of 95 on the south side of Jax so maybe next time we head up to SC, that would be a good destination eating spot.

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