For the birds

I was fishing off the dock this morning when a bizzare event occurred. I was casting a white 4” senko worm and had retrieved it back to within about 20′ from me. The lure is very visible so you can watch it clearly even when it’s 2′ below the surface. Out of nowhere a kingfisher bird dove on it. It came from maybe 10′ altitude and was moving fast so it was over in a millisecond, or so it seemed. Somehow my reflexes were good enough or he had misjudged the depth, but I was able to jerk the bait away from him. It really would have been a mess had he managed to pick up the worm and hook himself.

That’s the third unusual bird experience this week. Earlier in the week I was sitting on the dock, under the roof, reading. An Anhinga, a water bird similar to a cormorant, flew toward the dock intent on landing on an outside piling. He slowed down as you’d expect just as his feet hit the top of the piling but I could see he was way too low and crashed gently into the piling instead of landing on it. He came up swimming and stretching his neck in a distressful fashion. It seemed to me that maybe he had a fish or something caught in his throat and was having a hard time swallowing it. He swam a bit and then tried to fly but couldn’t get airborne. He kept repeating this swim then flight trial until eventually he reached shore over by Grover’s. I lost him in the bushes so don’t know if he ever recovered or what.

The next morning I was sitting at the computer when some kind of grayish, songbird crashed into the window about 2′ from my head. Scared the hell out of me. It hit as if it had been shot out of a gun – really hard. I got up and went outside to see what had happened and he was laying there, dead as a doornail.

Have I done something to piss off the bird God????

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