golf story

Just heard a local news item that I thought I’d share since I kind of doubt it will go much further than here.

It seems that the Deland Mainstreet Association sponspered a golf event at the Victoria Park course. On a particular day, anyone getting a hole in one on the 12th hole would win $10,000 in cash. 150 people lined up and made the shot. One guy nailed it. Now it gets interesting. Turns out there’s an insurance company called Hole in One that insures these events. The sponser buys insurance so that in the event someone actually makes the shot, they insurance company pays the prize. The insurance company cuts the guy a check for $5000. Naturally he’s upset and feels ripped off. Just like anybody would. What we then learn is that the insurance policy called for the hole to be 212 yards from the tee but the actual layout was 174 yards. They’re willing to pay only what the odds and the premium charged would say are appropriate. Of course the Deland Mainstreet Association is “outraged” and will never use this insurance company again.

In my opinion the insurance company is right and the Mainstreet Association should make good and award the golfer another $5000 since they set up the tourney and advertised the prize. So far no sign that the guy is going to get anything more than $5000. Of course the TV article is making the insurance company the bad guy.

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