Voting Democrat

Well, I might have found a Democrat that I could vote for. To the best of my knowledge I’ve never voted for a Dem, not even JFK. But the other night I listened to the Democrat candidates for governor debate each other. It wasn’t intentional but the debates came on right after the Lehrer News report and I was down to the last few numbers in a tough Sudoku puzzle and wasn’t paying much attention to the TV. I got up to turn it off, planning to listen to XM, when I heard one Dem land a body blow on the other. That got my attention and I thought, if what this guy just said is correct, the guy who was slammed could be my dream candidate. Although I always vote Republican, I’m much more of a libertarian and only vote Republican because they come closer to what I really want – which is almost no government at all. A big army would cover me just fine; get rid of the rest of them. So when Dem #1 accused Dem#2 of having the worst attendance record in congress and having missed more votes than almost any other congressman, I’m thinking I may have found my guy. If enough politicians behaved such that there was never a voting quoram, just think how little damage they could do. The absentee guy’s name is Jim Davis. I’m interested enough that I plan to email him and ask him to make a pledge to the effect that he’ll be the most absentee Governor in Fla history. If he does, he’s got my vote for sure. If he backs off, I’ll know it’s politics as usual and he really does plan to do things – and in my mind, since he’s a Democrat, doing all the wrong things. Fingers crossed……

But first he has to win the Democrat primary. I can’t vote in that but I’m hoping the majority of the Democrats agree with me and name Davis as their guy.

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