Pierson News

Big Pierson News. I think I mentioned that we had a real, albiet mini, deli right here in downtown Pierson. It’s real because it makes decent sandwiches and uses nothing but Boars Head cold cuts. The family that operates it sounds like they are from Jersey or NY – definitely Dago’s. We got stuck there in the rain this week and started chatting with the owners and they sprung the news. They will be opening a Pizzeria and Bakery adjacent to the deli. They have a set of plans that will make the place look like an old world restaurant with a courtyard. The guys brother in law, an Italian baker, is moving over from Milan and will bake bread and pastries. They said that they just couldn’t find any decent bread within shipping range, especially hard rolls. Man do I agree with that assessment. They will be installing a brick oven, the right kind to do pizza and crusty bread. I just hope the locals are able to support a good bread and pastry operation. I think the pizza will go just fine since there’s nothing within about 15 miles of Pierson and I think Pizza will be an ok crossover for the Mexicans.
And I’m reasonably sure there won’t be any ham and pineapple pizza options.

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