no no Vero

Well we’re definitely not moving to Vero Beach. Scratch that one off the list of potentials. We went down last Saturday for Nancy to attend a mini-high school reunion. So many of her classmates live in Fl that they get together on occasion – I guess just to hear New York accents. I dropped her off at the meeting place, the Lobster Shanty, and headed for the beach. I figured to get in a few hours fishing while she re-uned.

My first jolt was crossing the intracoastal at Wabasso – that’s a few miles south of Sebastian. The last time I crossed that bridge it was a small, wooden swivel style bridge. Now it’s a gigantic concrete monster kind of bridge. There was all kinds of great fishing in the river there and plenty of places to just pull over and wade the shoreline. No more. Now a very, very public park with loads of skiers and personal watercraft have the river churned to a froth. Certainly no place to wade even if any self respecting trout or snook would swim there.

So much for river fishing; on to the beach to surf fish. I was prepared for both. The first few miles were wall to wall multi jillion dollar homes but I did find a beach access about a mile or so south of the inlet. There were only two cars parked there so I knew it would be quiet. I walked a block or so on a sand path over the berm and sure enough the ocean was right where I left it. There were a few people swimming but no other fisherman on the beach. Several boats trolling a hundred yards or so offshore but no surf fishing. It looked perfect so I set up and scanned the shoreline for sandfleas. Yep, plenty of signs. I dug down and immediately learned that the sand construct was quite different than I’m used to. It’s soft for the first inch and then turns to super hard, gravelly kind of material. I figured I could work with that but my first scoop yielded only micro fleas; not one I’d think about keeping. I worked the shore for the next 20 minutes until my fingertips were seriously sore and came up with one flea that would be a marginal keeper in Flagler. So I ended up with “3 to a hook” kind of sandfleas. The only thing that could save the trip was a fish. Didn’t happen.

So the bottom line for me is with only micro sandfleas, the area between Sebastian and Vero is a no-go. I wondered if the people in those mansions checked that out before they built. At least I learned the bad news before I made any investment there.

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