another great weekend

Another great weekend – this one extended by the fourth of July holiday. We attended one of Olivia’s birthday parties on Sunday. In her case she doesn’t really have a birthday but rather a “birthmonth”. I was personally lucky enough to attend two – the Sunday party and the party on the fourth. Nancy took Olivia shopping for her presents and we were treated to a long fashion show of the results. I got to spend my birthday gift card – Bass Pro Shops – and loaded up on new sinko style worms which Si and I had depleted on our previously reported trips.

After the party, Olivia came back to the lake with us for a mini vacation. On Monday she and I took off in the kayaks for a lake fishing trip. I was casting for bass and she was trailing behind, mostly, while I fished. At one point she crept ahead of me – exactly at the point where a fish grabbed my worm. The fish was jumping but I couldn’t see it because it was right next to her kayak – what a hoot it would have been if it had jumped into her boat. We finished off the day a little later with the three of us swimming in the lake.

The grand finale was the fourth celebration in Cocoa. We took the boat – the good ship Double Shaafted, down to the missile launch area to have a picnic and get up close and personal to the space shuttle Discovery launch. The kids spent most of the time in the water, cannon balling off the roof – that would be maybe a 10′ platform. Simon dove down at one point and brought up a live sponge. The launch itself was spectacular. I’ve been closer to launches before but not the shuttle. It just couldn’t have been more perfect. On the trip home we were occasionally tracked by dolphins, so close you could see the blow holes and eyeballs! Back at the dock we celebrated yet another birthmonth party for Olivia. The traditional cake was this time replaced with a giant chocolate chip cookie – more than enough for a dozen people. It was without a doubt the sweetest thing I ever tried to eat in my life – had to be kilocalories per bite.

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