Weekend redeaux

Another great weekend. Simon came up on Friday armed for a rematch with me and the bass at the lake. This time he brought his full tackle box so had everything necessary for success. My only concern was the weather which was forecast to be rainy due to a tropical something or other – wave, depression, storm – something without a name (yet). The forecast was 70% rain chances Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We went out Friday night and luckily for me, Simon lost the first fish. Shortly thereafter I got one and nailed that critical first position. I lucked out and came in with a clean sweep – first, most, and biggest. Sounds like a big win but he was just that first fish from a much closer score. We came in and he was explaining his loss when he blew me away with his analysis. Seems that I had an advantage because he’s left handed and we were fishing on a shore and in a direction that was particularly difficult for left handers. Played the lefty card!

The next morning we were up and at’m fairly early. Check Simon’s blog for the exact details of who caught what but if memory serves, he caught the most this segment. I know I caught the biggest since it was the biggest for either of us in a couple of months. We had fished the exact same shore, in the exact same direction but “lefty” caught the most fish. We went out again that evening and Sunday morning and each time caught fish. I think I probably ended up with a couple more points than Simon for the whole trip but it was at most one or two fish away from him beating me. In other words, a close contest that could have gone either way. He landed more fish this weekend than last and is definitely pressing me hard.

On the first Friday night, we got chewed on a little by the local bugs – some mosquitos, some nats, and some yellow flies. Simon always sprays himself with bug spray but these critters were a bit nastier than his spray – particularly the gnats. Turns out that “OFF” does nothing for gnats or yellow flies. I remembered that we had bought some special stuff last year to fight a gnat swarm and decided to give it a test. Nobody is more sensitive to bug bites than Simon so if this worked on him, it would be really great. Well it worked. He suffered almost no bites on the morning trip and very, very few that night. So if you’re looking for something to try, find an Avon person or go online and find “Skin So Soft”. They have an oil product and a bug spray with some sun screen functionality built in – I think SPF 15. It beat the socks off “OFF” – even the strong DEET version.

And regarding the rain – I think we got about 7 drops the whole time. We fished when we wanted and for as long as we wanted and never had a weather concern. So much for 70%.

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