more shed news

Shed #2 project is just about complete. What that means is that all the interior wiring is complete and the XM is playing. Lights too. It means the work bench is assembled and installed; corner shelf assembled and installed, storage rack assembled and installed, peg board up and hooks attached with many of my tools now in sight and instantly accessible. Everything has been distributed between shed #1 and #2 and we both have plenty of room to do whatever it is we want to do in a shed. I think I need to add a shop light and maybe a few more hooks over the bench but that’s a no brainer at this point. Maybe a little light landscaping – maybe. Toward that, an interesting point. I bought a semi-portable automatic sprinkler system at Costco. It was manufactured in Bountiful – Orbit – so I knew it had to be good. It’s designed to be used with hoses so the whole thing, including two control valves, is above ground. Battery operated so it requires no elaborate wiring. I hooked it all up and it works like a world champ – no leaks, no mess.

The small, plastic shed is also in a higher state of organization such that I can install the generator next week. So all is still on target to be complete with the total project by the end of this month. The big task ahead is burying electrical cable from the shed to the main house. Not looking forward to that but it shouldn’t be too brutal.

We’ve got a party on Saturday – a handful of our GD reunion friends – here at the lake. Several of them have never been here so it should be a fun day.

Oh yeah – I hope you noted that both of my picks for American Idol are finalists. I watched it first when there were about 16 left and picked Kathleen and Taylor as the two best talents. Actually I picked 3 of the last four – I thought Chris would go a little sooner – he was talented for sure but a more limited appeal. My favorite to win is Taylor. I think he’s the best talent and comes from Alabama. I originally felt his gray hair would hurt him but I was wrong on that. I also acknowledge that Chris too thought Taylor and Kathleen were the best talents! We discussed that a couple months back.

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