New at the lake

Our new shed was delivered Tuesday. I had estimated almost correctly how it would just fit. The almost was one small tree in the way of making the final corner. Turning a 12’x16′ shed just takes a few more inches than I had reckoned. As it was there was about 1” to spare getting it between the well tank and a major tree. Took us almost 5 hours to get it off the truck and into position. As soon as Nancy came home she noticed that it was a different color than the one we already had. I called it color blend – she called it a screw up. It sits up a bit higher than the other one due to ground leveling irregularities resulting from miscellaneous tree stumps so I need to add stairs and maybe a skirt but other than that, perfect.

Wednesday we went to work on it. I brought power to it and Nancy laid linoleum squares on the floor. The wiring was conceptually simple – break the line running from the pump to the old shed and splice in a spur to the new shed. Too easy. I decided to attach a light to the outside of the shed which could be switched on and off at the carport. Still sounds simple but all that involved a trip or two to the local hardware store and then trying to splice 4 pieces of 12 gauge wire together at several places. I was fairly well convinced by noon that the sheds could be without power for quite some time but I finally threw the breaker at 4PM and oila! Both sheds powered, both AC’s and dehumidifiers hummed, and all lights except the new outside lights worked. I think those will when I get the correct halogen bulbs installed. I thought the fixture took conventional bulbs but turns out, not true.

The floor looks great. Nancy got it about 90% finished on Wednesday and finished up before noon today. I lucked out and her bridge dates were cancelled at the last minute so she jumped all over the floor job. That’s a job I would have screwed up for sure.

Started moving stuff from “hers” into “mine”. It’s been all peaches and cream so far but I’m sure there are some discussions coming about just where some items will end up. I’m proposing a rule that says anything in either shed falls under the discretion of the shed manager. So if she wants to toss anything in her shed, she can. Me too. I’m thinking that’s the only rule needed to divy up the storage responsibilities. One thing driving the move is the new cabinets we bought for “her” shed. We need a bit more space to assemble and install those and that space is currently occupied by “stuff”. Not stuff I particularly want, just stuff. So you can see where this is all going. I plan to get a nice work bench and for the first time ever in my life, really put my tools away and organize things like plumbing parts, electrical parts, hardware etc etc. And a nice little area for my fishing gear. Set up the old Mac, a place for the XM and my doghouse starts to look pretty good. Already moved the aerobed.

And part of the reorganization is to clean out the plastic shed and set it up exclusively for garden tools and the new generator. Plan is to set up a 5.5KW generator inside the shed. The generator will have 120 VAC and 220VAC outputs and will run the well, the sheds, the septic tank pump and selected items at the house. I’ve already bought the wire to run from the shed to the house and found an electrician in Pierson who can connect the well. I’m reluctant to mess with that even though I understand what needs to be done. I had enough trouble with the simple stuff. I’m wanting to get all this done this month – then bring on the storms.

One thought on “New at the lake

  1. I love the rule. I think that’s highly motivational to not only get your stuff in your shed, but to absolutely keep anything you’re interested in OUT of the other shed.


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