Hurricane predictions

For the past couple of months the weather scientists have been predicting this coming hurricane season to be the worst ever. They disagree as to whether this is part of the global warming trends or simply the 30 year historical cycle of storms. I disagree that it’s even going to be a bad year – for Florida. Which, after all, is what we really care about.

Myself, I predict a much less severe season than the last two, at least here in Florida. My logic is based on the fact that the last two years were historically bad and I feel we’re due for a slack season. But more importantly, the springs preceding the last two hurricane seasons were quite wet here and dry out west. I think they call this la nina or el nino or something along those lines. This spring has been totally different – very wet spring out west and very dry weather here. They call that phenomena la nina or el nino or something along those lines. My thinking is that the spring patterns set up the summer patterns and we’re set up exactly opposite this year when compared to the two previous years. Looking back a few years, Florida was in an extended drought which didn’t really break until 2003. The hurricane seasons during those drought years were inactive so far as Florida was concerned.

So while I’m not opining on the overall hurricane season, my prediction is that the storms will travel much farther north this year and nail the east coast from NC to New England. I’m pulling for a cat 7 to hit Hyannis.

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