Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Katrina and now Ophelia have given me, like all of you I’m sure, pause to consider our degree of preparedness. It’s certainly not within the realm of reasonableness that we would suffer a storm surge but a week or so of really hard rain could raise the lake level to a point of worry. So I decided to survey our stocks and see exactly where we are. Now I say “our stocks” but since Nancy and I would prepare in such different fashions, I actually took stock of her readiness kit and mine. Collectively of course they are ours. In summary, we are in good shape, so don’t worry about us.

For my part, I have an emergency tackle box, into which I have jammed only those absolutely, sure fire tackle items that would guarantee my ability to catch fish no matter. It’s ready for both fresh and salt water even though I have trouble visualizing snook or redfish here on the property, There is adequate booze for a fairly extended party, maybe a dozen or so close friends for a week. It is heavily biased towards scotch and maybe I need to diversify that on my next trip to civilization. So I’m ready.

Nancy is in equally good shape. Her stuff is mostly in the shed but includes about six 5 gallon containers of bleach; about the same amount of liquid Tide, dishwasher soap, and furniture polish. Enough paper towels to sop up acres of wetlands; and enough paper plates and napkins to support the party referenced above. Same with mixer for the booze – looooooong on soda. She has enough quilting fabric that we could sew together a tent to cover all of Pierson. We’re also well stocked on essential food, if you count chocolate syrup, smoked oysters, and Progresso soup, mostly clam chowder. And if we really needed more we could sell some of the toilet paper at $5/roll and buy those things we’re missing, like a generator along with a couple hundred gallons of gas to run it.

We’re in good shape entertainment wise also. There are boxes and boxes and boxes of books packed from Utah that have never been opened. Could operate a small lending library for the neighbors I guess.

Medicine – oh, yeah. Bulk aspirin, vitamins, ibuprofen, excedrin; gallons of listerine. And untold small pill bottles with dates back to the 60’s so we could deal with almost anything that could come along.

So all in all, we are completely on top of it and ready to help out all of you who stock such things as water, batteries and MRE’s.

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