we have a new hybrid

What do you get when you cross a Fishin’ Buddy 2250 and a Hummingbird TX400? I’m a little reluctant to post this after seeing how Tommy’s Blog was picked up by an outsider and understanding the true value of this new creation but in the spirit of scientific communication…

My old portable fishfinder finally gave up the ghost in a cloud of smoke this morning. Luckily having anticipated this day, I had purchased a new fish finder at a significantly discounted price about a year and a half ago. I never opened the box on the new one since it was designed for permanent installation and not portable like the Fishin’ Buddy. The new one had lots of features but portability meant I could easily switch it from boat to boat and I chose to go with portability and let the technically better one stay in the box. So when the smoke cleared, I knew it was time to bite the bullet. I sketched up a design which would operate on both machines and recombine them into a new product which had all the good features of the TX400 and the 2250. The picture says it all. My main man George had all the tools and miscellaneous bits and pieces to make it happen, Behold the Hummingbird Fishin’ Buddy 22400 a hybrid portable fishfinder. I still need to add some new battery connection terminals before it’s ready for a flight test but suspect I’ll beat the space shuttle off the pad.

4 thoughts on “we have a new hybrid

  1. It’s not cheating. In fact it’s most often a negative. When you are fishing and not catching, you just say they’re not here. But when you can see them and still can’t catch them – really a downer.


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