Yes, we got some banana

We made an interesting discovery yesterday. A couple of years ago we planted a small banana tree. We didn’t know whether it was a decorative variety or a real banana producing machine. It did nothing last year except grow some nice foliage so we assumed purely decorative. The location became somewhat overgrown and we just lost track of the tree. Yesterday I decided to try to find it and clean out around it. I was blown away to find two large stalks of bananas. I would estimate there are 50 bananas. They’re green and small – maybe 4″ or so. We don’t know whether they will grow much larger; whether they will ripen yellow or red; or whether we are hours, days, weeks, or even months away from yummy fruit. We do know that Olivia should bring up her favorite mini banana split spoon. We have the ice cream, the ch0colate syrup, the cherries, and by this weekend will have the whipped cream.

Talked to George who is an old banana grower from Miami. Our Bananas are called fingerlings and will always be smaller than the big ones we are most familiar with. But he says, these are tastier. These just popped out based on the fact that there are little blossoms on the tip of each banana. That means they will not be ready for harvest until maybe August. They will turn from dark, dark green into a much lighter shade. At that point you cut off the entire stalk and store them in a dark place until they ripen. Going to be interesting to see if the birds, squirrels, or other critters leave them alone. Oh, one other factoid. Those gigantic ants have a nest right at the base of the tree. As I was standing there, several thousand crawled up my leg and filled my shoes. Luckily they are not the biting kind but still they creeped me out.

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