Tina honey, you’re not in Utah anymore

For those of you who read Tina’s excellent blog, you have probably noticed a recent trend towards discussing “Florida moments”. As the senior Floridian in the family, I need to correct the observations of it’s newest.
First, it’s very difficult to have a “Florida moment” involving people in Central Florida. That’s because most people in Central Fla are from somewhere else. It’s more likely you’ll have a Jersey or Ohio or NY moment, than a Fla moment. We can have “Florida moments” here in North Florida where the redneck population is still fairly substantial. Secondly, a Florida moment involves the nature of the place. For example having to make a 911 call on the way home from work to report a rogue gator is a true Florida moment. Or having a manatee nudge you while swimming in the Indian River to clean the bottom of your boat is a true Florida moment.; 98% humidity combined with 98 degree temperature is a Florida moment – especially if it is quickly replaced with rain at a 4”/hour rate and a 20 degree temperature drop. Coming home to find your pool bright green instead of clear is a Florida moment.

No, what Tina is experiencing is what Dorothy experienced and explained to Toto – we’re not in Kansas anymore. For sure, you’re not in Utah anymore. Weirdo people events are common in melting pots – that would be places other than Utah and Kansas. I’m diagnosing it as delayed culture shock!

2 thoughts on “Tina honey, you’re not in Utah anymore

  1. I guess I am numb the the “Florida moments” being a semi native as well. I am slways surprised by the large number of “It’s a small world (Brevard County) moments that I have..


  2. You are probably right, when I first moved here I thought the people were so normal. I guess it finally caught with me.I know that when I visit Utah next month I will wonder how I ever lived there!!!!


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