Tomoka trip

Made the first trip to the Tomoka River today. I thought it was too early for the Tarpon and Snook to make it up the river but wanted to try anyway. Nancy had a quilt happening at the house so I needed to be away and it so happened that the tide situation was perfect – high at noon. That meant I could put in the poke boat at the park off Airport blvd (where the electric motor fell off the boat last year) around 10AM and let the tide carry me up river for a couple of hours and then back to the park when it changed at noon. It worked perfectly and I fished almost to the upstream end of the big island where the tarpon were schooling strongly last year. That took about 2 hours. I alternated fishing both sides and pretty much stuck to top water since the river is really shallow on one bank and very stumpy on the other making rubber jigs difficult to work effectively. As suspected, no Tarpon. Not the first sign and very few mullet – so just too early in the season and maybe still too sweet from the recent rains. Caught a few small bass, a bream, and had a couple of major slams which were also probably bass but perhaps snook. Had a great time and will try again in a few weeks.

Cardinal Alert

a sign?

This is one of several cardinals that crash into the bathroom window starting at 6AM -my wake-up call. It started a week ago and while laying there wondering if one would crash all the way thru, I realized that perhaps this was a signal. I was aware that the Louisville Cardinals were still in the NCAA tournament and realized that someone could be sending me a signal to bet on the Cardinals to move into the final 4. It backed off after the Cardinal victory last weekend but started again yesterday. I’m passing this information along for you to act on as you see appropriate. It may be a stretch to say this means the cardinals win the whole show but no doubt, they win this weekend.

The only deceased gamblers I know are my father and Johnny Walker so without another clue to date, it could be either. I’m leaning just a bit toward my father since I think Walker would have found a way to actually break the window – maybe pitching rocks at it or something.

And please don’t think those blotches on the window are dirt spots. The window is so squeaky clean, those are reflections of leaves or something. I tried to capture an in-flight crash but the glare just wouldn’t let it happen so I settled on a bird that just perches and pecks away.

Finally, for those who care about such things, the lake temp is 76 as of yesterday. That’s impressive considering it was 68 on Sunday.