torpedo time

Well it sounds like it’s time to put the remote Mark 48 Torpedo program into full action mode. I was talking to George this morning and he advised that he had met the guy buying Frank’s house. I saw the guy Saturday but thought it was one of George’s biker buddies. The guy was a mid 50 hippy looking guy with a pony tail. Turns out he is a Berkley CA guy, so we’re talking 60’s style California hippy – probably complete with peace sign medallions, and tattooed on Anti -war/anti-bush signage. But the really good news is the guy is into water skiing. Not just regular people kind of skiing but something called sky skiing. To the best of my recollection that’s the ski’s that have aluminum hydrofoils that pop the skier way up. You know that requires a double ski nautique type boat -hence my need to kick off the torpedo project in earnest. That couples with the fact that there is a new ski ramp now, a super state of the art model, and I see them out there laying out what I think is a new slalom run. George said that years ago they had set up bleachers on the beach with loud speakers etc and held competitions. This could get really ugly.

I might try something a little different first – alert the red necks with the ski ramp that there’s a major pony tail kind of lefty moving in and that he plans to be king of the lake.

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