dark side of paradise

Paradise has a darker side right now. It starts at AM when the cardinals start dive bombing the bathroom window. We really screwed up when we cleaned those windows. There was a nice film of dirt that eliminated the mirror affect. No good deed goes unpunished. It wasn’t so bad when I assumed it was a message regarding the Louisville Cardinals in the NCAA tournament but either that was a dirty trick or not the correct interpretation. Could it have something to do with this college of cardinals conclave in Rome? Am I part of a bigger process than even the NCAA finals?

But the real downside are the gnats. Our dry season wasn’t and the gnats have taken over. These are barely visible (noseeums) but swarm and bite with the ferocity of any mosquitoes I’ve encountered, ever. They get in your hair, your ears, nose, eyes and bite deeply enough to bring welts and even blood. An Off soaking helps – so instead of an instant attack it takes them maybe 10 minutes to penetrate. They even track me down in the middle of the lake. How is that possible? Are they already there waiting or are they actually tracking me? And the water’s too cool to escape by drowning them. I can’t imagine what they would do to Simon!!!!!!!!! So stay away until further notice. I’m thinking about a change in venue – maybe a week at the beach or something.

2 thoughts on “dark side of paradise

  1. Hey, Did I or did I not say that the “Cardinal incident” was NOT a baseball thing. My guess is that as soon as the conclave is over, so will be the bird strikes.

    It’s probably POP telling you who the guys gonna be…


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