hacienda pawnee

Don’t know whether I mentioned it earlier but sounds like Hacienda Pawnee will soon be on the block. Got a call Sunday from one of Audrey’s sons with a message to call another son, Tim. Tim lives over in Tampa/St. Pete. Tim said that they were planning to move Audrey up to Ohio soon, like maybe this month, dispose of all the furnishings, do any needed repairs, painting, cleanup etc and then put it on the market. Eileen was here and we agreed that was fine with us so I’m guessing that put it all in motion.

Basically the kids all felt having to maintain two homes was just too much for her and I guess having to get a roof job as a result of the hurricane was over the top mentally for her. It also sounded like Tim was over fairly often putting out fires and mowing the lawn. That would get old fast. Her home at the lake is still a few hours away from her daughter in Akron so the longer term plan was to move her from the lake to Akron but that part of the plan was off in the future – after she got past this first move.

There were no specific dates given but Tim sounded like it was near term. I don’t think it had all been worked out with Audrey so not sure whether she would go first and then Tim/Jeff handle the disposal and cleanup or if she would be there till the end. My guess is that they will move her out ASAP and then work on the project without her supervision. He said he’d get me a schedule with all the details soon. Very professional, project manager kind of guy. I expect to hear from him again as soon as Audrey is off to Ohio.

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