critter report

George came over this morning and asked me to ride with him in the golf cart. He wanted to show me something. On the way he explained that Chink had gotten off his rope last night and he noticed he was licking his paws – something he does if he has injured them. We rode up his driveway toward the top house and there was a dead fox – chewed up pretty good and obviously the victim of something bigger. I didn’t take pictures because they were a little gruesome. Chink is certainly a no nonsense dog when it comes to other critters even though I’ve seen a couple of rabbits sitting right beside him several times. Maybe he reserves his attitude for fellow canines and felines, although I’ve seen no evidence that he’s depopulating Grover’s colony. Grover asked me the other day if I wanted a cat or two. I told him that anytime I needed one I was just borrowing his, if he didn’t mind.

I have battened down all the hatches on the dock in anticipation of severe weather later today and tomorrow. I didn’t bother the last two times and had things blown all over the lake. Still missing a couple of noodles which I’ve found down the other end of the lake so deep in the bushes that I don’t think it’s worth the $1.50 to try to retrieve them. Cranked up the boat and pulled the plug; bongee’d (verb form) the adirondack chair. Bring it on!!!

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